Thursday, September the 30th in the very VERY early morning.

It has been quite a day. Basically I have been up since around 5am yesterday morning and my age is catching up with me. I am tired.

I will say this about our day.

Patti has lived here in Alaska since the Spring of 1963. Doing the math, Patti has been here over fifty eight (58) years.

Not once, not twice, but several times during our drive up to Fairbanks yesterday (Wednesday the 29th) Patti profoundly uttered these words : In all of my 58 years here in Alaska, I have never seen the mountains as beautiful as they have appeared today!

Two examples for you all.

In a few hours we head out to Manley Hot Springs.

Because it is possible (even probable) we will not have internet service in Manley, and we now plan to be back in Anchorage on Friday the 8th of October, it could be several weeks until we get back on line.

So I have published a Post on blogspot to give everyone who is interested a good look-see at part of our drive up to Fairbanks yesterday. To see it please click onto the below link. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Cap and Patti

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