For What It’s Worth, IF you want to see our latest, live and up close, Alaskan Moose encounter, immediately outside of our bedroom window, please click onto the below blogspot link..


Friends of Bill please click onto the below link to read my Rhetorical Question about recovery ..


Smiles .. Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “OCT 9, 21 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH .. A MOOSE IS LOOSE !

  1. Michael d.

    The pictures of mamma moose and yearling coming to your front porch and bedroom window are absolutely priceless! Takes me back to my days as an Alaskan, having same encounters at my deGrasse’s Green Acre in Wasilla! lol And your pictorial essays of returning from Fairbanks to Anchorage were delightful. It does my heart well to know you and Patti made that more than challenging and arduous trip to your cabin in Manley.
    Love you both,
    Michael d.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow Michael.. What a comment! Thanks so very much for your kudos. Yes indeed, the trip up and back was arduous indeed. Much more so coming back South after our visit. Going up we had a perfect Wednesday the 29th and going to Manley on Thursday the 30th was also nice (I have not written about that outbound trip because we were off-line while in Manley). But it still adds-up to 520 miles on the road from Anchorage to Manley. Again thanks for your interest and comment. Cap

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