For What It’s Worth, we published a Post on blogspot showing The Windsor Inn, the motel where we are staying here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. If you are interested, you may see it by clicking onto the below link.

Yes! The very same Windsor Inn from which our truck was stolen late Thursday night, the night before Christmas Eve Day. We will never know the exact chain of events that led to this difficult situation except to say that I did lose the keys to the truck on the motel property. Someone found them. And the criminal element got them in their hands.

We were fortunate to get a rental car Friday morning, Christmas Eve day, here at the Enterprise car rental office. We got there early thanks to our friend Michael who picked us up at our motel and drove us to the Enterprise office.

What to do now? At first we thought finding a black GMC Suburban with Alaska license plates would make it easy for the local police. We were advised by the local police that the criminals stole the license plates from a black Suburban registered here in Arizona minutes after stealing our truck. So now our truck has Arizona license plates. 

What to do now? We must have wheels here. Danny in Michigan has offered to loan us one of his vehicles with a friend bringing it down to Lake Havasu City in early January. 

Time and time alone will dictate what eventually happens.

Cap and Patti

P.S. My level of stress over this, to say the least, has risen. The thieves are going to cost me a lot of money because, sooner or later, I must purchase another vehicle (unless we get our truck back). Currently used vehicles are very expensive.

4 thoughts on “DEC 26, 21 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Gullible

    Well, that puts a damper on your Arizona trip, doesn’t it?
    Damn the parasites who cause so much trouble and stress on others for their own treacherous gain.

    In that regard, and I’m sure you are already thinking about this, carefully consider borrowing a car from a friend. Buy one. You can always sell it should you get your own back, or store it in AZ for the summer months.

    Hoping for the best outcome.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Words fail us. Disoriented fits. Buy one? At what cost? Used cars are selling at new car prices and no matter what you pay you will usually take a loss selling it. Aim to get up to Detroit where the used car fleet is large and the city is in a downward financial trend. Also know people up there. Oh My I never saw this coming down the pike at us !! Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Not the Enterprise office here in Lake Havasu City Gullible. They do not have a shuttle. But Michael took us up to their office not far away and the staff were outstanding. Lucky to get a car at all on the Christmas weekend!!

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