For What It’s Worth, we published (at least we think it is) a fun and interesting Post on Blogspot showing our Lake Havasu City Ferry Boat ride on Sunday this past January 2nd. 


A ‘sneak preview photo’ of the above Post.

Have fun and we hope all of you enjoy the above Post on blogspot.

Cap and Patti

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Only you brave, and truly interested readers, will contine below.

Post Script : And this (call it) challenging time of my life continues as I continue down the path of recovery from this flare up of my new health experience with, Taa-Das, Diverticulitis. Most of the day this past Monday was health oriented. I had to get up,  obtain a stool sample, go to the hospital, register and turn in the stool sample to the laboratory per my Doctor’s request last Friday. The below link will take you to that appointment in case you are interested and missed it.


Then I visited my doctor’s office and I left him a written note asking the following question :

Should I, would you recommed, that I begin to take a probiotic supplement to augment your suggestion that I begin to eat yogurt every day? 

Later Monday afternoon, his medical team called me and said my Doctor enthusiastically supported this idea. I have gotten online and ordered a probiotic suppliment (1MD Nutrition Complete Probiotics Platinum) from (who else but) Amazon. I myself was extremely pleased that my Doctor so strongly supported this idea that I came up with.

And the stolen, GMC Black Beauty Suburban, drama continues. Last December the 29th, 2021, Patti and I were told in a telephone call with the State of Alaska, Department of Motor Vehicles, that (this, trust me, after a long process of several hours) replacement license plates would be mailed to us here in Arizona. They have not yet arrived. So yesterday day afternoon Patti called the Alaska DMV and we were told they had absolutely no record of such a request. And the drama continues as today I will hopefully get this mess cleared up. WE NEED LICENSE PLATES ON OUR TRUCK. 

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