By now all of you who have followed Patti and me for any length of time, have heard of, and maybe have become aware of Gullible and her incredible website through the many links I have recently posted here on dot.net.

In a comment to me the other day Gullible suggested .. 


Cap, try a Dave’s burger at Wendy’s. Only fast food burger I will eat. They are delicious.

I responded as follows ..

Cap ChastainPost author

O.K. Gullible. WE WILL put-it-on-our-to-do-list. A Dave’s Burger at Wendy’s. The only Wendy’s here is about 19 miles (25 minutes) from our motel in Lake Havasu City. So it will await our next road trip to Laughlin, Nevada.


Yesterday I made-good on my above promise to Gullible. Patti and I paid a visit to our local Wendy’s.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Again, our local Wendy’s is (each way) a 19 mile, 25 minute, drive from our motel. It is located at the junction of Arizona Hwy 95 and Interstate Highway I-40 and sits inside of a Pilot Truck Stop. So it is not quite your ordinary Wendy’s.

Now we shall go inside 

Now we step up to the order counter and see if we can find Gullible’s Dave’s Burger !!

See it (them) up there right at the top? Dave’s Single, Dave’s Double and Dave’s Triple. 

I ordered one Dave’s Double along with a large Frosty for Patti and I to share.

Notice if you will, the bun is plain with no sesame seeds on it.

Munch. Burp. 

Yes indeed Gullible. It was fun. It was satisfying. It was filling. Thanks for the recommendation.

Time to call it a day at the Wendy’s located at the Pilot Truck Stop off I-40 outside of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

That is one very happy Black Beauty above on the right side of the photo.

– – – – – – – – – – – – 

And the beat (or is it the beating) goes on. We still do not have confirmation that our replacement Alaska license plates and handicapped placard are on their way to us. We think the wheels are turning up in Alaska. We have been told that yes they are turning. But I decided that I can go no longer with absolutely no license plates on Black Beauty.

In Nevada, although finally I got one, I played some kind of unholy hell getting a temporary transit permit.

So with some trepidation, this past Tuesday, I went into the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) here in Lake Havasu City. 


Bam ! Bam ! I TRULY DO Thank You Ma’am !! 

“Good Afternoon Sir!” .. “How may we assist you Sir?” .. “Thank You Sir, you have everything we need for us to issue you a 30-day temporary Arizona license plate. That will be $15 Sir.”

Up close and a little personal.


I am absolutely tickled pink because I have begun to take (first thing in the morning, an hour or so before I eat anything) my 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum dietary supplement.


Cap and Patti

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