Well .. long pause .. it could possibly have gone just a tad better but we will take what we get.

I think the bus to Ooty was due to leave Kodaikanal at 7PM.  Me-Being-Me I was at PARVEEN TRAVEL at 5:50PM.  Purush asked me to be at his office at 6PM so 5:50PM was ‘right-on’.  Purush took me to the departure office for the bus about 6:15PM and explained ‘the process’ and left me to wait with several others for the bus to Ooty.

LONG-STORY-SHORT .. the bus for Ooty arrived just past 8PM and we who had been waiting at this particular departure point boarded an already full bus.  We all had seats.

THEBUS 005Not my best photos but you get the idea about the bus.  It was what are called mini-buses here in India.

The below photo was taken at a rest stop en route.


THE PROBLEM WAS THIS .. we all got a bit stressed.  When I get stressed I tend to begin snacking.  India has more snacks than any of you can possibly imagine.  At about 7:45PM I ‘got-into’ a package of spicy hot masala peanuts.  The INSTANT .. THE NANO-SECOND .. that I opened my spicy hot masala peanuts I KNEW they were spoiled and rancid.  WHY-ON-EARTH I ‘sampled’ a few I shall never know.  But I did.

I took them immediately to the store where I bought them.  The owner inspected them and HE tasted a few and agreed with my analysis that they were spoiled and motioned for me to get a fresh package.  I did and gobbled them up.

BUT THE DAMAGE WAS DONE by the few that I ingested.  So I came-down with a slight case of food poisoning.  And with it comes diarrhoea and cramps and weakness .. I have been drinking a lot of water and juice.  So today has been an adventure.  Up and down and back up to my room from the Internet Cafe here in UDHAGAMANDALAM aka OOTY.

I have managed two major posts at Blogspot!

Below are two photos of my hotel here in Ooty .. The Sapphire Paradise .. you can see my room where I have my blaze-green T-Shirt hanging-out-the-window.

2HOTEL 001

2HOTEL 002

I hope to get a good nights rest tonight.  I have a tour of Ooty planned for tomorrow.  We shall see what we shall see.

Over and out from UDHAGAMANDALAM .. aka .. OOTY .. Cap