I am using the above (what I call my) standard title so as not to discourage our non-football followers from even opening up this Post..

BECAUSE ..  We didn’t want anyone to miss the below Post we published over on blogspot ..

Translation : Someone might read the title (if it was about football as was yesterday’s Post) and NOT even bother to look further here.

Taa-Daa .. We have published a (we think it is) fun Post about Buses By The Bridge here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.


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Taa-Daa. Patti and I really enjoyed the first two NFL playoff football games yesterday and are eagerly looking forward to three more games today. I (put this in the first person because Patti just does not get upset over sporting event scores) have my mind set to just enjoy the games with no stress over who wins or loses.

Yes Indeed !! I DO have favorites and teams that I want to see do well (and one I hope will go to, and win, the Super Bowl) and during the games I am in contact (texting and sometimes calls) with several friends and THAT IS FUN.

One even said yesterday (Well we’ll still be friends) after I told him who I wanted to win the second game and did not realize he was rooting for the team that got slaughtered in one of the all time ENORMOUS blowouts in NFL football playoff history!

Have fun sports fans one and all. The playoffs are here. 

Cap and Patti

Post Script : You can see, if you read the above blogspot Post, that we ARE doing a lot more than just sitting in our motel room watching football games. With three (3) games today, we may have to focus only on football. It IS about 2am in the morning as we sign off here so we may sleep in getting up in time for the 11am game this morning.

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