I am writing this Post late in the day on Sunday, January 16th. The publishing date of this Post is Monday, January 17th, but because I have not yet lived Monday, I can’t write one word about it.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

My Gratitude list for today.

What a great day today was for Patti and me.  The weather was beyond beautiful. Sunny with clear skies, a nice (if somewhat stiff) breeze with the temperature in the low 60’s. We watched all (or part of) three NFL games. The results of all three games were what we had hoped for.

I was up at 7am and worked on some projects including a short local drive up the street. Then Patti and I watched the beginning of the Tampa Bay vs Philadelphia Eagles NFL playoff game. When it was around 31 – 0 for the Buccanners, we got out of our motel room and visited a local flea market. Then we visited the Buses By The Bridge Volkswagen Bus (call it a) round up. Took a nice drive in the local state park. Did some shopping. Came home in time to watch all of the San Francisco 49ers game with the Dallas Cowboys (a real cliff hanger and absolute nail biter). Then watched all of the Pittsburg Steelers getting taken apart by the Kansas City Chiefs 42 – 21 in what may be Ben Roethlisberger’s final game of his 18 year career. I mixed into the afternoon two naps and read some stories to Patti.

All In All, it can’t get much better than this.

Cap and Patti

Happiess is making a Gratitude List. There is nothing quite as satisfying.

2 thoughts on “JAN 17, 22 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Gullible

    That KC- Pittsburg game was fun — Patrick Mahomes made it so. The lightning-fast players made the Steelers look old, slow, and overweight.

    KC got pummeled by Brady last year in the Super Bowl and it looks like they’ve learned a lot in the last year. I would really like to see a rematch.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well Gullible, we shall see what we shall see. We just watched the Los Angeles Rams destroy the Arizona Cardinals 34 – 11 and the game was not that close. Next Sunday these same Los Angeles Rams will travel to Tampa to play the Buccaneers. IF you’ve followed the Bucs, they have played a few (call them marginal) games and lost their opportunity for the top seed in the NFC to the Green Bay Packers. And? Tampa is also losing some of its top important starters to injuries. Fun the playoffs. Cap and Patti

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