JAN 29, 22 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH ..

January the 29th.


I made the one greatest decision in my entire life right up to this instant. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.


Today Patti and I are driving South from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, South to Phoenix, Arizona, where we will spend 9 days attending and participating in medical appointments and procedures at the Mayo Clinic.

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Our friend and Ally Gullible has published Chapter 20 of her 2021 Africa trip

Chapter 20 – In Which Vive la Difference

I have learned that a bitter experience can make you stronger. I now boastfully say that I have a hide like a rhinoceros… and I’m smiling. — Mel Gibson

If you would like to read Gullible’s last doings just click onto the below link..


Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti

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