Saturday, January the 29th

‘They’ (who ever ‘They’ are, do any of you ever wonder about ‘Them’?) said we could never do it. I agreed. I thought it would positively and absolutely be impossible for me to make any trip (of at the very least several hours) in anything even vaguely approaching the time that MapQuest and Google Maps etc et al suggest as the time to make a trip. Their times (in my opinion) are for young, fast, drivers in new automobiles that can drive (like I used to) for hours at or well above the suggested speed limit until a stop for gasoline was madatory (or a stop where one needs a formal rest room and not an alongside the road stop to water the local vegetation!). 

MapQuest ..

Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Phoenix, Arizona .. 202 miles .. 3 hrs 23 min .. AZ HWY 95 to Quartzsite at I-10 ..

Google Maps ..

Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Phoenix, Arizona .. 194 miles ..  3 hrs 12 min .. via the Bouse cut off to Vicksburg to I-10 on AZ HWY 72 ..

We pulled out of our motel in Lake Havasu City this morning at 10:25am. We were sitting, parked, at our Motel 6 in North Phoenix on Bell Road near the junction of I-17 and the 101 Loop Road around Phoenix at 1:45pm.

Cap and Patti ..

Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Phoenix, Arizona .. 208 miles .. 3 hrs 20 min 

No matter the above numbers, we equaled or beat their times because we ended up in North Phoenix and NOT downtown.

I know .. Who Cares .. I care !!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

We pulled into our Motel 6 at 1:45pm. “Sir check in time is 3pm.” .. “I know BUT we must have a downstairs room and one we can park our truck in front of our door and NOT an inside room where we have to haul our bags and baggage a long distance. IF we come early we have a chance to get what we need. If we come in late there is no way we can get what we prefer.” .. “I understand. May I have your drivers license and credit card and I will formally check you in and when a room you prefer is made up I will assign it to you. Please come back in awhile.”

So out and off we roared from our motel getting onto Loop 101 headed for the Mayo Clinic. We have a 7am appointment for  tomorrow, Sunday Morning, and we were confident we could get our Covid-19 test Saturday afternoon and sleep in Sunday morning. 

The Covid-19 testing facility is closed on Saturdays!

That killed our plan. Back to Motel 6. “Sir. We still don’t have the room you prefer. Please come back after 3pm.”

Out and off we headed for our local COSTCO. Sports Fans, you don’t really want to shop at any major metro area COSTCO on any Saturday afternoon. BUT we did. As we rolled into a huge parking area jammed to the hilt, a car (at the entrance area) backed out and we pulled in.

Back to Motel 6 at 3:24pm. “Sir we have YOUR room. Downstairs. Handicapped parking. Two beds. Mini Refrigerator. YOU are all set! $138.44 TONIGHT. The rate will drop tomorrow night to $109.99. Your remaining 9 nights will be $89.99 your total bill for 11 nights is $1,181.85.”

Ouch ! Yikes !

Whatcha gonna do Captain?

– – – – – – – – – – – 

Sunday, January the 30th

Get up early. Be AT the Mayo Clinic at 7am. Get our Covid-19 Tests. Come home. Eat breakfast. Go back to bed ??? Probably not.


CBS .. The Cincinnati Bengals visit the Kansas City Chiefs. The winner goes to the Super Bowl on Sunday, February the 13th.


FOX .. The San Francisco 49ers visit the Los Angeles Rams. The winner goes to the Super Bowl on Sunday, February the 13th.

Over and Out ..

Still Standing .. Still Smiling ..

Cap and Patti


  1. Olga

    It remains only to smile, Cap, reading how you laughingly describe your “positively and absolutely impossible” journey to Phoenix and the ordeal at the receptions (Motel and Covid test Lab). :-) I admire you, Cap, Patti! And I wonder how much the realities of your day are similar to ours. Everything is the same, only the language is different!
    Thanks for the opportunity to follow your steps :-)
    Hug. Olga

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Love the games this Playoff Season Gullible. In fact, by all accounts, the games during this postseason combine to make it the very best in the history of the NFL. Right up to and including today, Sunday the 30th as Cincinnati upset Kansas City. Smiles .. Cap

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