Sunday April 10th 2022

On Sunday mornings, when Patti and I are in Phoenix, staying at our Motel 6 on West Bell Road, I have a little routine. I walk East up Bell Road to 19th Avenue where our local Dollar Tree Store is located. I then purchase the Sunday edition of The Arizona Republic newspaper as a gift for Patti.

This is about a mile and 3/4 round trip walk. I like the exercise.

Directly across West Bell Road from the above Dollar Tree Store is our local Walmart. And (not always but) often I then walk over to Walmart and do some light shopping because walking I don’t want to be carrying a heavy bulky bag of groceries.

So far so good. My Walmart mission this Sunday morning was to purchase a box of Clif Food Bars and look at luggage. We have to replace a suitcase that we lost when our Suburban was stolen. No biggie. Yes Walmart here in Phoenix has an identical suitcase to the suitcase we lost. My plan was then to return with our truck and purchase it. No way did I want to walk it back to our motel in 90°F heat. So I picked up a small box of Clif Food Bars and headed for the checkout registers.


The lights suddenly went out AND all of the cash registers stopped functioning. And, as you well would imagine, there was some mini-chaos in Walmart! Having only one item, after first checking with the people in the line, I stepped up to the front of the line in the self-checkout area at the ONLY station working, and DID get checked out .. with a receipt.

No biggie. I headed back to our motel. 

As I turned to head West at the intersection with Bell Road and 19th Avenue, the West bound lane of Bell Road was blocked off to traffic by the local police and in the distance I could see a small armada of flashing red lights. When I arrived at the scene of all of the action I could see why the power at Walmart had ceased!


A photo (or two or three or twelve) is better than words.

IF you look very closely (if you don’t see what I mean, rest assurred you WILL soon understand) up the sidewalk, in the far distance, you can see what happened.

In the below photo, look directly up the sidewalk.

For very good reasons (the danger of possible fallen electrical power lines), the sidewalk was closed by the police. So I cut-around by walking through a local car dealer’s lot.

In the below photo, look to the left of the pickup truck’s bumper. See? A car is up-side-down!  It had hit the toppling telephone pole.  Thus the power outage in the entire area.

Way-to-go hotshot driver. Was the car stolen?

Looking way-back East up Bell Road from in front of our motel.

What a traffic tie up it was, West bound Bell Road closed.

When I returned to our room and told Patti what had happened, because of hearing the sirens of a literal aramada of police cars and fire trucks immediately in front of our motel room on Bell Road, she said at first she was worried about me. But, in the meantime, I had texted Patti from Walmart telling her I would be home in 20 minutes so she knew then I was O.K.

And? Later this afternoon (it took 1 1/2 hours for the power to return and a good two hours or so to get traffic moving again) we went to Walmart and purchased a new suitcase.

And? We really enjoyed watching (the final 5 holes) Scottie Scheffler WIN The Master’s Golf Tournament.


Tomorrow is another day.

Cap and Patti 

Post Script. And? IF you would like to see some photos of flowering cacti..

Then please click onto the below blogspot link.


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