For openers : Both Patti and I have received two Covid-19 vaccinations and two booster shots. I feel I had Covid-19 dating back to December 2019 when I was sick, in the Emergency Room in Seattle, after having been in Asia for the previous 14 months. The Seattle E.R. could not, and did not, help me because in December of 2019, they had not heard of Covid-19. I then gave it to Patti and the Mayo Clinic Emergency Room, in January 2020, did hand-stands to assist Patti somewhat to help Patti’s coughing 24 hours-a-day, again not knowing about Covid-19.

Just in case the above title means absolutely nothing to you, the below link will clarify it ..


It is not a good sign that I am currently revved up because, I DO NOT want to talk about, nor do I want to discuss, The Elephant In Our Living Room, aka Covid-19.

Here’s the deal. Maybe, just maybe, us sharing some of our experience with having officially and formally tested POSITIVE for Covid-19 may, in some way, help you out.

On the other hand, I absolutely refuse to go into anything even vaguely approaching a day by day accounting of our experience, although believe us, it IS a day by day challenge.

Time Line :

Thursday, May 19th, in a local Emergency Room here, Patti was diagnosed (tested) POSITIVE for Covid-19. This was after sleeping most of the two previous days, coughing almost constantly and blowing her nose most of the day and night. So, she likely had Covid at least those two previous days as well.  Because I had then myself been exposed to Covid-19 (through Patti), on Friday, May 20th, I opted to do a home test (that tested negative) and then I got (PCR) tested at a local Hospital Urgent Care Center and I tested POSITIVE for Covid-19. I didn’t believe that, so on Saturday the 21st of May I got a second (PCR) POSITIVE test. Time Captain to accept the fact you, along with Patti, have Covid-19 again a second time.

Then Tuesday the 24th I home tested (an absolutely) POSITIVE. Friday the 27th I again tested (another absolutely) POSITIVE. The same day Patti home tested a very light (but nonetheless) POSITIVE test. You have to have had experience with home testing to know what I mean by an ABSOLUTELY positive test vs a very marginal light line test result. Last Saturday, May 28th, (the next day after a second round of home tests) I again got a formal Medical PCR test and again was POSITIVE.

Got it? At that point I had tested six (6) times POSITIVE (home and PCR) tests. Goodness Captain !! What is it here that you don’t understand? YOU HAVE Covid-19 !!

This brings us to Today, Wednesday, June the 1st, after, for Patti, 14 days and myself after 13 days in self quarantine, we again got formally tested at the local Hospital Urgent Care Center. Patti tested POSITIVE. I tested POSITIVE.

Our personal opinion : This is a BUMMER !!

Today, before we were PCR tested, a Doctor came in and had a long discussion with us. He all but said (without saying it) we would probably test positive again, even after our two week quarantine, saying it is not unusual for some people to continue to test positive for up to 90 (ninety) days !!  He did say however that we are likely no longer contageous.  Then we did test POSITIVE. 

Ask Patti how we are doing and Patti will say we are getting a little better each day.

Ask me how we are doing and I say that I am concerned that we continue to test positive and fear Covid-19 pneumonia. For Patti it is the nagging cough (not dry but with phlegm) and for me the incredible numbing fatigue walls I hit. 

But our spirits are definitely up and positive and (odd as it is to say) we don’t actually feel all that bad. A nagging cough and unreal fatigue are doable.  But I feel that, being in our 80’s, it is quietly taking its toll on us.

It has totally robbed us of enjoying our meetings and visiting with friends that we had eagerly looked forward to this visit because of our self quarantining. 

And? I am having difficulty with the conception that next Monday we will be up at 3am and at 5am, we will head for an airport and a day of flights and a long, multi-hour (7 hour), Seattle layover en route back home to Anchorage. 

And? We continue to enjoy our Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune Shows and some local driving around my life long home town we both like.

Over And Out .. Ciao4now .. Enough Already.. There will probably be no more updates until we get back to Anchorage. 

Cap and Patti

Post Script : Oh By The Way, we specifically asked the staff at the Urgent Care Center IF they were able to ascertain the strain of the Covid-19. As we expected, NO they are not equipped with the sophisticated technology to do this.

10 thoughts on “JUN 1, 22 .. THE ELEPHANT IN OUR LIVING ROOM!! PART 2

  1. Robert 94596

    Another report: Gay and I are currently quarantining also. I noticed neck and shoulder pain last Saturday, so after a wretched night on early Sunday (4am) I self-tested as positive. Then Gay, a bit later in the am, also tested positive. Went to our Urgent Care facility were found positive on the PCR test, so were prescribed PAXLOVID for 5 days. Then if we test negative, we can cease quarantine.
    I am feeling fine after taking Tylenol, much lower aching. Gay is coughing a good amount and has what seems to be a cold, along with a sore throat.
    We flew back from Chicago on the 22nd, so apparently got it on the plane or at the crowded air terminal.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow Robert !! We can run, we can’t hide !! I’ve read where before this is over (IF and when it is ever over) everyone will have been exposed to the virus. You two had all the symptoms. We also feel we got it in the airline terminals NOT on the planes BUT who knows. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cap

  2. Olga

    sad story…..
    See you, Cap! See you, Patti! in Anchorage!
    Get well soon! And let it be a miracle of TWO NEGATIVE TESTS in Anchorage.

  3. Gullible

    Well, count your blessings for one thing: many of the people I know who had COVID complain of severe lung pain. You two seem to have escaped that.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Patti’s coughing certainly is a lung issue, especially with it producing some phlegm, but THANKFULLY she certainly has had NO lung pain per se. As I just wrote Zilla, it is becoming a bore !! Cap and Patti

  4. zilla

    Friday, June 3, 2020 – 4:00 pm

    Hi Cap and Patti,

    Wow! You two are certainly having a terrible time right now! Claudia and I do wish you two a very, (hopefully) speedy recovery!! It seems you two really got hit in the “gut” with all the misery that COVID hit you with!!

    We will say a special prayer for you two and do hope, this terrible “stuff” will pass very quickly!!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much Zilla for your interest and for your support. Bottom Line : It is a bore. We are just tired of it. Yet we have little or no choice but to keep pluging away. Hope YOU and Kleiner Bär stay free. Cap and Patti

  5. Kit

    Keeping you both in my prayers. I’m heading back to the Black Hills for the summer. So many down with Covid in the Bay Area, but we’ve avoided it so far. Take good care.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Kit we have done all we could have done to avoid it. To no avail. Three airports (Anchorage, Seattle and Detroit) and two long flights (3 or more hours each) did us in. And now we head back into and out of three airports (Detroit, Seattle and Anchorage) so go figure. Thanks for rooting us on and?? and?? YOU be careful Kit. Cap and Patti

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