Let’s begin with a few definitions.

Perhaps, possibly, probably, 98% of you know full well what the below three abbreviations are and what they mean and what they do.

But, I can’t just idly assume each and every single one of you are familiar with them. So below are links to each should you wish to look into them further. I myself did just that and, in the process, I learned something new about each of them

GPS. The abbreviation GPS stands for : Global Positioning System. 

Any of you who want to know more about GPS, please go to the below Wikipedia link.


Garmin (the name of a company) is perhaps the best standalone GPS Navigator.

Map Quest. Any of you who want to know more about Map Quest, please go to the below Wikipedia link.


Google Maps. Again, I’ll just let any of you who are interested in Google Maps go to the below Wikipedia link.


What do Map Quest and Google Maps do for each of us who use them?

It seems that no matter where you are (at least in the United States) you can go to Map Quest or Google Maps (via your computer or your smart phone with an app) and find out precisely where any given geographical location is, and from your precise location, how you can get to the location you want to get to. IF I want to drive from Anchorage, Alaska, down to Phoenix, Arizona, I simply enter  From (Anchorage) and To (Phoenix, Arizona) and receive directions how to get there.

– – – – – – – – 

Whew! At last! Finally! We get to :

TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION : What is a Map Quest or Google Map walking, talking, breathing human being?


“Excuse us Captain?”

While in the greater Detroit, Michigan Metropolitan area a few weeks ago, Patti and I were getting ready to drive to a location that we were not really familiar with. However I had Map Quested the location but still had some questions. Danny was visiting and I idly said to Danny words to the effect of .. “Danny, we’re going to Warren and think we’ll just go South down Woodward Avenue to 9 Mile road then head East across 9 Mile road into Warren and told Danny the street (Michael Avenue) we were looking for!”

Just like that, snap your fingers quick, Danny said to us .. “Yep, go past Dequindre Road to Warner Avenue and turn right and go down to Michael Avenue and turn left!”

Amazing! Absolutely Positively Amazing Danny !!

AND NOW (Thank You Forever Mister Paul Harvey for your life) ..


Danny has been a United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery driver here on the North and North East suburban side of Detroit for over thirty three YEARS !! Do you think that Danny knows his route area? 


While Patti and I were in the Detroit Metro Area from May 14th until leaving on June 6th, Danny loaned us his own personal vehicles to use as we needed to get around.

We either had the use of his (to me) friendly and famous Red Pickup Truck  ..

I’ve known Danny’s Red Pickup Truck for over 20 years !!

Or (more often than we had Danny’s Red Pickup Truck) Danny’s amazing, looking brand new, Little White Car (a 2016 VW Golf) ..

When our GMC Suburban Black Beauty was stolen in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, on December 24th 2021, Danny IMMEDIATELY offered to send (he had a friend who was going to drive it down to us) Little White Car for us to use until we got another vehicle. Luckily Black Beauty was recovered on December the 30th and we did not need Danny’s Little White Car.

Let me tell all of you, Little White Car was terrific. An absolute gem.

A BEST FRIEND .. Definition .. Danny 48073 !

Ziggie .. Thanks so very much for the Gift of You for over 33 years !!

Your Allies .. Cap and Patti (since 1994)

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