Oh how we wish we could be back there with all of you this weekend on the North side of Detroit.

Andrej checked in with us yesterday saying .. Its getting louder as the day goes on Cap. Vroom, Vroom!!

In re-visiting the August 2014 Dream Cruise over on blogspot (see the below link in case you haven’t seen it yet) ..

Patti and I certainly had a lot of happy memories during our re-visit.

Gord sent us a batch of information as well as four photos of his own Dream Cruise beauty, his black, 1977 Chevrolet Corvette. Yes indeed I could download them from his email but then couldn’t bring them from the download folder on my laptop and show them here. I kept getting the message : reformatting error and scan0055-1.pdf . Go figure. 

I finally quit and I did let go of trying to control Gords downloads!! All to no avail!! Written with a wide smile!!

From Gord : I have been out a couple nights in my 1977 Corvette, I’ve had it for 36 years and still have fun on Woodward. I drive it about 220 miles a year, all in one month, on Woodward. These photos were taken several years ago and it still looks the same. I’ll be out again, but it’s not like it was way back when the cruise started 27 years ago. Like everything else, things change.

Gord it seems that everything is different from what they were 27 years ago. Thanks for all of your support.

Back to Gord’s photos.

“Captain Oh Captain ! ” .. 

“Did you REALLY GO TO ANY LENGTH to get Gord’s photos published here?? Did you really go that last, the VERY last mile Captain?”

So I brought them up from my download folder. I then photographed their images on my laptop screen with my Samsung Galaxy A10e smart phone. Then I carefully cropped and edited them.


Voila !

Success !

Gord’s beautiful 1977 Vette !

“Atta Boy Captain!!” /s/ THE committee inside your head !

Ciao4now .. Over And Out ..

Cap and Patti

More fun. I rearranged Gord’s photos from the above arrangement to the below ones ..

Again .. Ciao4now .. Over And Out .. Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “AUG 20, 22 .. SATURDAY .. AUGUST 20th .. THE OFFICIAL DAY OF THE DREAM CRUISE ..

  1. Michael d.

    I can un-argueably say you Detroit folks definitely know how to ‘cruise’ the boulevard(s)!! And this annual parade certainly outshines the VW Bugfest! (oops, did I say that?) lol
    Fun pictures and so much time, labor-of-love, classic artistry showcased here! Thanks, Cap, Patti, Tom and Gordon!
    Michael d.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very VERY much Michael for your ongoing support and assistance and interest and …. many other things. I sent you a note card (mailed yesterday Friday) thanking you in detail for two very specific things you have helped me with. Look for it next week. Smiles.. Cap

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