I grew up humming the below ditty to myself..

Has anybody here seen Kelly..

K .. E .. DOUBLE L .. Y ..

Has anybody here seen Kelly..

Kelly from the Emerald Isle !

Kelly is Irish. My mother’s maiden name was Casey. Two (call us crazy) Irishmen !

Bob Kelly and I grew up from Kindergarden to High School together. We two were born 6 short days apart. Bob was born on August 30th 1936 and I was born on September 5th 1936. Talk about ‘litter mates’!! I can recall some of Bob’s antics literally in Kindergarden when Miss Bowlby put Bob into the toy box because he would not leave them alone. Back in 1941, teachers seemed to have some leeway as to dealing with challenges from students as opposed to today’s teachers and this business of political correctness. Then the day in 5th grade when Miss Hensen came up behind Bob and me just as Bob was loudly elaborating on Miss Hens-Bottom to me ! Then the night after a Cub Scouts meeting when Bob and I were standing on a railway overpass dropping rocks onto the cars as they passed below us ! One stopped. Bob and I took off down the tracks. Bob stayed on the tracks and I dodged down the embankment. The driver was a young man who ran track and he was up the stairs and after us in no time flat. He took us to Bob’s home to report to Bob’s Dad just what we had done to his windshield! During Junior High School, in the winter on the icy roads, we used to hitch rides on the school bus by grabbing onto the rear bumper of a school bus and we were pulled along the road behind the bus. When we got caught that-was-that for that entertainment ! 

I have called Alaska home since December of 1997. Back in the late 1950s, Bob attended the University of Alaska up here in Fairbanks. So many common threads in our two lives. Bob’s Dad was a member of the United States Marine Corps and I too served in the Marine Corps.

On August 30th 2021, in celebration of his 85th Birthday, Bob sent out the below card to one and all ..

Bob was still full-of-the-old-nick as he turned age 85.

Then suddenly ! A year ago today, on October 2, 2021 one short month and 2 days after his birthday, Bob was gone forever !

Bob’s wife notified me as follows :

Cap, I have very sad news. Oct 2 Bob died at our cabin in northern WI. It was very unexpected. He had a mitral valve problem but was doing very well on his medication. The coroner said he probably had a heart attack. I found him in the morning when I got up, laying on the porch floor.

Last December 16th, I posted a eulogy about Bob on blogspot.


Thanks Bob for all of the memories. Rest in peace my Brother.

Your Lifetime Ally .. Cap

2 thoughts on “OCT 2, 22 .. ONE YEAR AGO TODAY.. OCTOBER 2, 2021 .. BOB KELLY PASSED AWAY

  1. Michael d.

    Cap, I’m again saddened to revisit the loss of your dear friend Kelly! It’s OK to grieve. As we age those close friends and family do depart, more often too early. Considering we all have a bit of that Irish Leprechaun and mischief in our hearts. I’m sure Kelly is still kicking up his heels in heaven. That’s what I’d like to think. But, until we get there (or wherever there is!) we won’t know. Until then Kelly, RIP! Cap, me and all of those other Irish men and women will follow in your footsteps!
    Always, in love and service,
    Michael d.
    BTW….My grandmother (dad’s mom) maiden name was O’Malley, my mother’s maiden name, Clifford! Can’t take the Irish out of the Irishman! :)

    1. Cap and Patti

      Thanks again Michael for yet another one of your heartfelt comments to a post here on dotnet. Yes I certainly realize it’s all part of the necessary grieving process but both Patti and I certainly appreciate your support and insight Michael. It’s so great and so special to have a long time friend like you. Cap and Patti

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