I get on a roll, and when I do, Man-O-Manischewitz, can I roll !!

And right now I am on a roll with regard to the wealth of  International Friends with whom Patti and I are in relatively close touch. In recent posts you’ve seen Grant and Keller, Olga and Sergei.

As I’ve written in the previous International Friends posts .. Patti and I are oh so lucky to have the rich and full lives we are living with our world travels and friends in other countries.

Nicky, who lives over in Hong Kong, just shared some exciting news with Patti and me.

There are six (6) renowned marathons in the world.


As it says in the above link, The Abbott World Marathon Majors is a series of six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world: the Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon and New York City.

His wife has now run, and completed, all of the six (6) Major International Marathons!! The below photos show his wife and daughter at the London Marathon.

Wow!! Wowie!! Nicky!! All of us thank you for sharing this exciting news with us.

Some nice words to close with ..

If I cannot do great things..

I can do small things in a great way.

James F. Clarke

Cap and Patti

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