The only time Cap and Patti eat out is to get Singapore Rice Noodles and Subway Sandwiches.

Well (as you saw here a week or so ago) we have been hungry for Pad Thai.

Our first outing to eat Pad Thai at The Thai Village Restaurant was OK but not quite what we were used to.

But, it sure was a very pleasant venue!

So out and off we went to try another venue. We had eaten here before and simply had forgotten about it.


The venue is pretty basic!

Below IS BASIC !

My-Oh-My !! Their Pad Thai was over-the-top excellent.

Below is what we were looking for in terms of appearance and taste. Call it traditional Pad Thai.

And we have yet another Thai Restaurant we plan to try in the near future.

– – – – – – – –


Last Thursday the 13th (it was NOT Friday the 13th) in the late afternoon I went to our local bank to use their drive-in facility. My left drivers side mirror nudged one of the guardian poles as you approach the tellers window, and in an instant my left drivers side window exploded in a shower of glass. I got cut up just a little and it was a sad scene. Home I went. What to do? With no window, our truck was vulnerable during the night to street thieves etc and snow and rain. I called Dan one of our best friends and Dan said, “Yes, you can park it at my home, under cover, and I have security cameras.” Off I went to Dan’s home, left our Suburban and Dan drove me back to our condo. Dan said he’d come and get me in the morning so I could sleep at home.  I thought maybe I’d sleep at Dan’s home but being in my own bed is better.

Yesterday, Friday the 14th, Dan came and picked me up and took me back to his home and I picked up our Suburban. Not knowing when or if our local glass shop (one we have used several other times when the Suburban was broken into by smashing glass windows) could repair the window, I went into their office. “Next Tuesday at the earliest,” I was told by the manager. I said, “Can I leave it here with you?” .. “Yes Sir. We will store it inside of our shop behind our security gate. It will be safe and out of the weather.” .. And walking and riding a local bus, I was home at our condo around 11am. So we are home bound until we get our truck back (hopefully) this upcoming Tuesday.

Sports Fans it isn’t getting easy !!

Cap and Patti

Looking very much forward to a few days at home in our condo and not out running. Yes Oh Yes. Sunday we WILL be watching the NFL Game of the Season. Buffalo at Kansas City.

4 thoughts on “OCT 15, 22 .. THE RUMOR IS NOT ACCURATE !!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Oh-My Oh-My you are 100% correct about those obstacles getting in the way Gullible. Sad to say, this is not the first time I have nudged them (at another bank another day) but those nudges only resulted in my window being unable to roll up or down and that repair cost a few hundred bucks. Will I NOT ever learn. Still Smiling .. Enjoying a few days home and staying put. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Too TOO funny Gullible. Neither of our two Singapore Rice Noodle Restaurants are named Thai Delight! As always, thanks so very much for your support and comments. Cap and Patti

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