NOV 1, 22 .. YOU’D THINK ..

You’d think, that perhaps I must feel, because I haven’t missed publishing a post one single day since September 21st, that IF I miss a day here, I might not ever return. I can’t find the last time (IF ever) that I have not missed a single day in any given month. I may look into it further just for the heck of it. Well this I know : I am not going to intentionally miss a day just to prove nothing. 

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Our quest continues to find what we consider the Pad Thai that we enjoy the most here in Anchorage, Alaska. Below is our fourth Thai Restaurant we visited this past Sunday, LAHN PAD THAI. 


Very presentable. I don’t think that I have ever been in an elegant and fancy Thai Restaurant.

Pad Thai.

Its appearance is more what we consider to be traditional Pad Thai.

The above order served us very well when divided between us.

At this writing we have one more candidate to explore. It will be our 5th visit to find our Pad Thai source.

Over and Out ..

Cap and Patti

This evening we will view the second of the six quarter-final shows of The Jeopardy Tournament of Champions. We were surprised that yesterday Ryan Long (who won 16 games during this years season and was one of our favorites) in the first show was soundly defeated by a lady who won only 4 games to be invited into the Tournament of Champions. We two are absolutely loving this Jeopardy scene. We are also ON the World Series for sure. Game 3 in Philadelphia was rained out yesterday.


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