NOV 2, 22 .. A DAY OFF

Today .. We .. You .. and Patti .. and I .. All Get A Day Off ..

Emily Dickenson wrote : 

Be a Friend .. The rest will follow ..

The above courtesy of Belle Aronson and her website ..

Cap and Patti

Are all of you aware that our great friend Gullible is now IN Africa on another African Safari Adventure. When she begins publishing posts, we will provide those of you who are interested in Gullible’s African Adventures a link to her posts.

In the second paragraph of the above post, Gullible uses a term (FOMO) we did not understand .. ” The FOMO was more than I could stand when my photo buddies went last month.”

FOMO means .. Fear OMissing Out ..

Did you write that this post was .. A Day Off .. Captain ??

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