In addition to the above title .. WHOA ? WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR WINTER UP HERE ? .. I nearly added .. ARE WE BACK IN MICHIGAN ?

Up in Fairbanks and the interior and all of Northern Alaska, when winter (snow accompanied by well-below-freezing temperatures) arrives it stays. Oh Yes ! Yes indeed, I’ve lived up there. You can get one day during the winters when the temperature goes up sixty degrees (as in 60° degrees F, like from way below zero to some degrees above zero) BUT the ground is so cold that it does not affect the snow pack at all. 

However, here in Anchorage (exactly like it is in Southeastern Michigan, as in the Detroit Metro Area where I grew up) we are affected by a large body of water (the 220 mile long Cook Inlet, a branch of the Gulf of Alaska) that moderates our temperatures as do the Great Lakes moderate the Detroit and the Michigan weather. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022

This past several days, our temperature shot-up to 40°F, the snow began to melt, our roads have become a wet, sloppy mess, and things the snow had hidden away reappear.

Real, nice, beautiful, winter.

Oh My, Oh My .. The temperature  climbs. Where did our beautiful winter go ?

Today’s Rhetorial Question : Captain ?? Who IS responsible for this post ??

Answer : Gullible is responsible for this, and many others, BECAUSE (when I get stuck with something to post) “Gullible says : Cap, get out your camera, take photos and post them.”

Ciao4now .. Cap and Patti

We enjoyed a really (as in REALLY) entertaining NFL football game this Sunday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “NOV 14, 22 .. WHOA ! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR WINTER UP HERE ?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      We just sent you a text message (along with five photos) Eryn that read as follows : White Bunny Eryn? Did you say you saw a White Bunny in one of our posts? Smiling Cap and your Aunt Patti

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