We don’t know whether they are rabbits (plural) or one rabbit (singular) that visit us from time-to-time. We’re pretty sure there are several but we can’t tell them apart. Also we don’t see them that often (maybe once or twice a month) and only when we just happen to be looking out of our living room window and VOILA, there will be one of them. We’ve never seen two of them together. Oddly, I tend to see them more often than Patti. I guess I have good “see-the-rabbit” eyes.

Here we go with some rabbit photos.


Yes, we always have known that in the winter, our Alaskan Rabbits change to their winter suits-of-clothing BUT never ever have we been fortunate enough to see, let alone photograph, one of them wearing their white winter coats !!


Will all of you take a look at our Winter Rabbit !!

We were sitting on our living room couch the other day when suddenly I spied him !! We did not want to risk disturbing him, so I simply shot some photos without moving from our couch.

Then I got up and moved closer to our door.


Cap and Patti

Oh yes Sports Fans !! We are still following the NFL football games, but we’re not making them the subject of posts.

Captain ? What’s with the Gullible Says above sub-title ? When I get stuck with something to post “Gullible says : Cap, get out your camera, take photos and post them.”

5 thoughts on “NOV 13, 22 .. WE ENJOY SEEING OUR LOCAL RABBIT ..

  1. Michael d.

    Who doesn’t love bunny rabbits. Well, home gardeners, I suppose! Little Bit loves ’em…..Loves to chase ’em, that is! lol (she has NOT successfully caught hide nor hare! lol ). Beautiful white winter coat on Mr/Mrs Bunny wabbit!
    Have a Truly Blessed white winter day!
    Love ya to pieces, my dear Cap and Patti!

    1. Cap and Patti

      Thanks Michael so very much for your comment and best wishes for a blessed, white day !! We think we’re seeing male rabbits because the females probably stay closer to their rabbit hutch home. It’s no wonder Little Bit can’t catch up with them, they can move VERY quickly. Yes we too loved seeing one dressed for winter. A first ever for us. Smiling .. Cap and Patti

  2. Olga

    Cap, I liked your vocabulary invention “good “see-the-rabbit” eyes.” ! ☺
    Moreover the pictures are amazing!!
    It’s a little bit more than a month till Christmas and I’m looking forward to it as a fairy-tale time …
    Hugs to you and my dear Patti ♥

    1. Cap and Patti

      Thank You Olga !! Happy you liked my term .. I have good “see-the-rabbit-eyes” !! Today (just a few minutes ago) one of them came right up onto our porch and close to our glass door BUT hopped away before I could get my camera out and snap a photo of him ON our porch. Thanks for your Hugs Olga !! Cap and Patti

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