Because, I would say around 60% of the time, I myself don’t have a clue as to what any given post, on any given day, will result after I sit down here to create a post, so I seriously doubt if even The Shadow Knows.

Yesterday, being Veteran’s Day, of course I knew for certain what I wanted to cover. 

Today I was, I thought, planning to do a post on German Umlauts for Claudia (aka Kleiner Bär) or the ins and outs of having websites (blogs if you like) or a post about Spiritual Pocket Stones for Olga in Chita.

I didn’t go down any of those avenues!!

Where did I go? Keep scrolling down!!

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Our great friends..


And Tom .. aka Detroit Tiger Tom !!

Were kind enough to send us the below photos from a recent outing.

– – – – – – – –

HELLO BOAT CARS aka Amphicars 

When I saw the below photos, I thought that someone had just put a car body onto a boat hull.

Do you all see the Boat Car to the right past the Palm Tree in the middle of the below photo?

A closer look at the above Boat Car.

When I saw the above photos, I thought that someone had taken the body of an automobile and put it onto a hull to make it a Boat Car. Actually I thought it was an Auto Boat. I have come to learn (via the below links) that these Boat Cars are able to be driven on the streets like a normal car and also can go into the water and essentially be a boat !! Amazing !!

Now enter our buddies on Goodle and over at Wikipedia !!

Lots of photos of  Boat Cars in the first link below..

Below is what Wikipedia has to say about them ..

– – – – – – – – 

Rhetorical Question : Could THE SHADOW have foreseen the above Post?

– – – – – – – –


This past Thursday, November 10th, we published a Post on blogspot showing, in addition to the above Boat Car photos, other photos taken by Ginny showing the Arizona Desert and beautiful flowering cacti. Below is a link to blogspot should you wish to check it out.

The time has come to say Ciao4now.

Cap and Patti ..

Please don’t think, for one short New York Minute, that we have stopped intensely following the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions (ToC). Next week the final three face off. The first one to win 3 matches will win the ToC and $250,000 U.S. Dollars.

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