TOMORROW .. We will be getting a taxi to the airport at 3am to be ready to board a 6am flight from Anchorage down to Seattle and then onward to Las Vegas. We will then travel by automobile, with Detroit Tiger Tom, South to Laughlin, Nevada, where we will enjoy a six night stay at the Edgewater Hotel and Casino Resort. We really love and so enjoy staying at the Edgewater. 

Our Pal, Shamrock !!

Silly huh ? Having one special slot machine as our very favorite one but he is a handsome and a very good looking Irishman !

Then on Friday, the 9th of December, we will head for Phoenix, Arizona, and some upcoming medical appointments at the Mayo Clinic.

Today will be a very busy day here getting ready to go South.

– – – – – – – – 

We had a little snow here.

Before the recent snow.

After the recent snow.



Anchorage is really an attractive place to be. Just look in the distance !

Smiles .. Cap and Patti

Oh My Yes ! Gullible is back-at-it posting another new adventure from her recent African Safari trip. Chapter 2 awaits and the below link will take you to her recent Post.

4 thoughts on “DEC 2, 22 .. TOMORROW WE FLY SOUTH !!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Michael for your best wishes. You may pass us in Laughlin on December the 8th as you head to Las Vegas while we are at the Edgewater. Smiles and as always, thanks for your support and comments. Cap

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