I am writing this on Friday Evening, December the 2nd, 2022, BECAUSE, our internet will be going-on-vacation at 12AM midnight as we will be away for four (or so) months and no longer are willing (we never knew we could suspend our service) to pay the full bill for high speed internet and our Yukon TV (streaming plan).

So I Post this before 12AM midnight or it may not get posted. “Yes, I know Gullible, the airport has WiFi BUT what shape will I be in getting up at 2AM to get our taxi at 3AM to the airport and checking in, security, etc et al, you get it !”

– – – – – – – – 

No more is it sometime out in the future. As you read this, Patti and I will be enroute from Anchorage, Alaska, to Laughlin, Nevada.

We will be getting a taxi to the airport at 3am to be ready to board a 6am flight from Anchorage down to Seattle and then onward to Las Vegas. We will then travel South from Las Vegas to Laughlin, Nevada. Tom Tiger is bringing our GMC Suburban up to the Las Vegas Airport to meet us. Tom then will himself catch a flight back to Michigan and we will drive ourselves South to Laughlin. I have never driven this (Tom has always met and driven us South) but his plans suddenly changed yesterday.

Alaska Airlines is our preferred airline.

Now maybe, just maybe, no promises, I may get onto WiFi at the airport and add to this Post. Then again, what shape will I be in after getting up at 2AM to get our taxi at 3PM to the airport and checking in, security, etc et all?

It’s going to look more like the below night time photos than the above (full daylight photo).

Ciao4now. Over And Out. Patti will proof read this and publish it and we shall see what we shall see when we are at the airport.

Cap and Patti

Does THE SHADOW KNOW if I’ll be able to add anything here ?

**Hello all! Cap has informed me that there was no way to get an internet connection today to post or put up photo’s.

Cap and Patti have landed in Seattle on that leg of the trip. He will update everyone after he arrives **


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