Don’t ask me why I am posting this Post with all I have to do !

All I can say is this : ” It’s What I Do ! “


Our Edgewater Casino Hotel.

Looking out from our room, in front of the Edgewater Casino Hotel, there are twelve (12) handicapped parking places. It is hard to see the parking area, but in the very middle of the picture you can barely see cars. Further below you will be able to see the cars more clearly.

With all of the retired people traveling here from the northern tier states to escape winter, many ( read : MANY ) have handicapped placards on their vehicles or they have handicapped license plates. IF ( by some act of the Almighty Himself ) you get one of these 12 handicapped parking places, the instant, the micro-second, you back out to go shopping, someone else pulls into your place.

What to do ? Where to park ? Oh Yes There is Ample Parking ” out in the back forty ” or in a five story parking garage. The price : free BUT they entail quite a long walk. 

When we want to check out and leave we need something in close : Read : One of the 12 handicapped parking places if you please !

I’ve been at-this for several years now and I DO know the ropes.

This is what I do to get a place : Two days before we are due to leave (last Thursday in this instance) I get our truck from where I have parked it and drive it to the entrance area of the hotel at 10AM in the morning. Check out for the hotel is 11AM. And I sit, and I wait, hoping the residents of one of the 12 handicapped parking places will be checking out and leaving. I will have my window down and when people appear with baggage, I will ask them IF they are parked in the handicapped parking area. And IF they say they are I ask them “After you put your luggage in your vehicle will you be leaving?” Some will say “No, we are checking out of the hotel BUT we are going to stay and enjoy the hotel facilities.”

Last Thursday morning I hit a BINGO ! I was able to move and position our truck in the furthest parking place of the 12 handicapped places.

Friday morning I came back downstairs to the entrance area (on foot because our truck was parked) and asked the same question when I saw people with luggage heading out of the hotel : ” Are you checking out and after you put your baggage in your vehicle are you leaving ? “

Friday morning I hit TWO BINGOS !!

The first bingo allowed me to move our truck halfway forward. Then GET THIS! The second bingo allowed me to move our truck into the Number Two parking place !!

Saturday, in the early afternoon, I was working here in our room on a post when ( this is 100% because of Patti, I would have missed it ) Patti (almost) screamed ” Cap, the car in the first position has just left ! ” I jumped up, with my bedroom slippers still on, dashed out (had to wait for the elevator) and when I got out, the first position was still empty.

So I secured the Number One Parking Place in the handicapped parking area !!

Below is what it looks like to have our GMC Suburban in the Number One Parking Place.

Keep in mind, that once we move our truck into this parking area, it stays put ! We will NOT move it and lose our place !

In the first photo below, notice the large, open area beside our truck.

Again, notice the large, open area to the right side of our GMC Suburban !

Now you all are going to see why I so covet this Number One Parking Place. I can spread-out in this large open area !

Because of all of the free space beside the Number One Parking Place, I have tons of room to spread out and get organized !!

Here we go loop-de-loop, Here we go loop-de-li !!

That’s me inside cleaning the rear windows.

I now have our GMC Suburban ready to receive our suitcases.

Looking back from the front seat.

Oh Yes ! Many, but not all, of the boxes are full.

Now you know the Rest Of The Story about packing-out.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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