DEC 24, 22 (1/2) .. and now.. AN UGLY!! BLAST FROM THE PAST

One short year ago, on the day before Christmas, call it Christmas Eve Day, December the 24th 2021, at one something in the very early morning, here at the motel (The Windsor Inn in Lake Havasu City, Arizona) that Patti and I are now staying at, I wrote the following words here on dotnet ..

Our Truck has been stolen from in front of our motel room. I got up to use the bathroom and Patti said it was raining. I looked outside to see if it was raining and I saw that our truck was gone !! Someone did find my lost keys and has stolen our truck. Cap at 1:42am Friday December 24th, 2021

And this set off a chain of challenging and upsetting events that stretched out over several months ending up with the thief being captured, our truck being recovered, and the thief being sentenced to 3 – 1/2 years in the State of Arizona prison system.


What happened HAPPENED. It’s now over and done with.

And ?? I’ll not go one word further about how upsetting it all was !!

Cap and Patti ..

Post Script .. Please continue to scroll down to read Part 2 / 2 about some REALLY GREAT NEWS that we have to share with you all !!

6 thoughts on “DEC 24, 22 (1/2) .. and now.. AN UGLY!! BLAST FROM THE PAST

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well Gullible. THE Cardboard doesn’t think much of it ! I did a photo shoot and plan to post photos on Monday. Tomorrow is Christmas Day. Just think of the mess we were in one year ago now. Our truck stolen and all that came along with that ! Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes Gullible, it is indeed a NICE DEAL. It is just nice to have our own place and much larger that a motel room. Also our initial 28 day Windsor Inn rate was going to be increased at the end of our first period so it really is a NICE DEAL for sure .. Cap and Patti

      1. Gullible

        I’m just glad that you are getting out of that dreary motel room with its bad memories and into a place you can settle into and feel at home. Merry Christmas to you both. Looking forward to the photos.

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          Thanks Gullible for your Christmas greetings. Yes indeed, THIS is definitely a HOME away from HOME. We now have a physical, on the ground address and a Post Office Box here in Lake Havasu City !! The photos are coming on Monday the 26th of December. Merry Christmas TO YOU Gullible. Cap and Patti

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