The JAN 1 – 2 – 3 in the above title is a fun set of numbers welcoming in year 2023. 

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To welcome in the New Year 2023, yesterday evening, New Year’s Eve, Patti and Michael and myself enjoyed plates of Singapore Rice Noodles at our local Singapore Rice Noodle Restaurant (aka The Golden Phoenix) here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Oh My .. Oh My .. They seem to just get better-and-better. Yes ! In Hong Kong, I have eaten Singapore Rice Noodles for breakfast.

The large, red pot is a pot of white rice. Unusual for us to get but pleasant (at least for me the only one who ate the rice) to mix into the Singapore Rice Noodles. So too is our having hot Tea. Also very enjoyable.

A personal note to Gullible. I put these Singapore Rice Noodle photos in here just for you Gullible !! Smiling !!

Where was I ? And Where Was I Going?

Time (at 1:20AM) for yours truly to sign off.


Cap and Patti

There’s more I wanted to write BUT .. Smiling..

I know. We published a post on blogspot about The Holidays in Irkutsk .. The below link will take you there.


Still Standing .. Still Smiling .. As Patti and I continue to settle into our new apartment.

6 thoughts on “JAN 1, 23 .. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 TO ONE AND TO ALL

  1. Michael

    Happy….happy….HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! What a joy to celebrate with such good companions, Cap and Patti! Such great company and divinely delicious Singapore Rice Noodles. I love the exotic healthy foods and flavors! We were long overdue to have this dinner date; it was near 9mo’s ago that we sat in this same restaurant and ate heartily and reminisced about our times together in wild and woolly Alaska, and traveling together in the ol’ Lower 48 and Canada. And the absolute blessing that you’ve both made a decision to take a long-term lease on your new apt. is such a bonus gift to me!! I’m over-the-moon happy and proud to announce you both as citizens of our quaint little low-desert wunderlust type of town! I have no doubt that together, we’ll most assuredly be sampling the other international types of foods and visitors!
    Welcome, Family!
    Michael d.

    1. Gullible

      Well, Michael, it will beSingapore rice noodles, Subway tuna sandwiches, or maybe nachos (on an extremely rare occasion) unless you can exert a phenomenal amount of influence. I suggested to Cap that along with the noodles he might try ordering one other dish— like honey walnut shrimp. He might discover there are other foods in the world!🤣🤣🤣

    2. Cap Chastain Post author

      It was a joy to be back with you Michael at, so far, our favorite restaurant in Lake Havasu City to close out the year with the wonderful Singapore Rice Noodles we all enjoy. You were the draw that got us to Lake Havasu City, you living here for 10 years now. What a new chapter to our close friendship that began in Alaska many years ago now! We know there are precious times with you yet ahead. Hugs and smiles, Patti and Cap

  2. Michael

    Oh, Gullible! I long ago accepted that Cap has his plan and I have learned his ideas are quite refreshing. Sometimes for Cap; and often for us too! lol
    I did cook a day-late Christmas dinner for both Cap and Patti and the filet mignon and salmon steaks were superb! It was a very simple meal but quite healthy at the same time. BTW, us (The 3 amigos..Cap-Patti-me) traveled in 2005 to Toronto from his Detroit home and dined numerous x’s at Subway…one of our favorites! Mickey D’s was another. On the return trip Cap kept goading me that when we got to Windsor, Ontario, that “I (me) was going to eat a hamburger at one of their favorite eateries, Bubi’s Awesome Eats. When the waiter brought out the burger I almost fainted…it was probably 12in round! The deal was if you could eat the whole thing it was a bonus free burger from the proprietor! haha Between you and me, I couldn’t even come close to eating half of it. So guess who helped me consume that ginormous monstrosity? Yep. Our Cap! (which, BTW, negated their freebie offer!) lol

      1. Cap Chastain Post author

        Yes, as a matter of fact I HAVE accomplished exactly that Gullible. Including (I do love to) lick plates ! Smiling with the two of you. Cap

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