JAN 2, 23 .. THANK .. YOU .. GORD .. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU !!

The formal, or proper title of this website (that I have nicknamed “dotnet”) is Baba Kaps Doxology  – FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH.

The name “For What It’s Worth” is based on Buffalo Springfield’s 1966 hit song, For What It’s Worth ..

The very first line of the song, “For What It’s Worth” is : There’s something happening here. But what it is ain’t exactly clear.

I began writing my India Journals in New Delhi, India, back in late December of 1990. My spiritual stream-of-consciousness writings progressed onward from that point. One day while I was writing, I took a long look at the content of my writings and I mused, “There’s something happening here.” 

I thought of Buffalo Springfields song and decided to call my writings FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH because something was clearly happening in my life but what it was wasn’t exactly clear.

Get it ? Got it ? Good ? 

Now below is a clear example of the above phenomenon. Something IS happening here, what it is still ain’t exactly clear. YOU call it whatever you so desire.

Patti will bear testimony to the amazing “coincidences” that keep happening to me. 

– – – – – – – –

Now that Patti and I have made a long term commitment to living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona part of the year, we are beginning to get involved in the community. I will be part of the volunteer team of people who support the January Balloon Festival and Fair. Patti wants to get a library card so she can check out books and other library materials.

Last Friday, we visited the Lake Havasu City Library (which we learned is but a small part of the greater Mohave County Library System) and asked how we would obtain library cards. 


(1) A photo Identification (Drivers License or Passport) is required. This is easy.

(2) Proof of having a local address where one receives mail. This is a common requirement and local authorities usually want a copy of one’s utility bill, bank account statements, etc. I sort of grimaced because our land lord is taking care of all utilities. The librarian said, “It doesn’t have to be a utility bill, a Christmas Card envelope will do fine.”


Saturday afternoon, don’t ask me why (because SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE) but I suddenly said to Patti, “The mail man was here a short time ago, I think I’ll check our mail.”

I opened up the mail box, and handed its contents to Patti. Oh Sure .. Yes .. it was all “junk mail” ..


For one small envelope.

A Christmas Card from GORD !

” Patti, Gord’s Christmas Card is precisely what I need !  Let’s head for the Library. It’s 4:15pm, they close at 5pm, but I think we can make it and get me a Library Card.

And !

Something IS happening here ! What it is ain’t exactly clear !

Oh By The Way Gord .. Thank You So Very Much For Your Christmas Card !!

I rest my case.

Cap and Patti, my witness who has observed too MANY of these happenings to begin to count them all.

By The Way, I knew the envelope was from Gord because of his return address label. I removed the label from the envelope to protect his anonymity here online.

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