Disclaimer : The Dinkey Bird IS Singing In the Amfalula Tree.

Translation : I, Your Captain, am on a clinically significant manic episode.

Wednesday, January 18th

Whewie ! What a day ! Up and out from Motel 6, Bell Road, Phoenix, at 8:15am to Home Depot; then to the Mayo Clinic for 9:15am and 10:15am appointments for both Patti and me. All is well with our orthopedics (hip replacements and other age 82 and 86 normal aches and pains). Back to Motel 6 we drove. It was about 11:15am. We two begam to “ponder our day”, our room was paid for to checking out tomorrow (Thursday the 19th) at 11am. What to do with the rest of the day?

You Want Crazy .. Stand By .. Here It Is


Says The One, The Only Captain Marvel !!

“Oh Captain! Oh Captain! You are dating-yourself!”

Thank You So VERY MUCH Michael D in Lake Havasu City for the gift of teaching me how to .. “drag and drop” !

At 11:20am Your Captain had a sudden idea. So off to the Motel 6 front desk I trotted (trot, trot, trot). 

“Yes Indeed. Sir IF you can (perform an absolute miracle and) be out of your room by 12:30pm noontime we will refund you Ninety Six Dollars and Twenty Four Cents ($96.24).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sports Fans everywhere, we kid you not, three (3) hours is the minimum time it takes us to get ourselves out of a motel / hotel room. THREE count them HOURS.

So out and off went Gimmesome Roy to the land that knows no time, Up a trail no man could conquer to a cliff no man could climb.. 

The Search For The Perfect High (God rest your soul Shel Siverstein)


Back to our room I dashed (dash, dash, dash), I have no time to trot, and I began throwing all of our things into boxes, and suitcases, and bags and you name it. 

“Patti!” (who was getting our breakfast together after our Mayo Clinic appointments)  “Let’s get out of here and go back to Lake Havasu City. “

I failed to tell Patti what was up because I felt there was NO WAY we could pull this off.

“Cap breakfast is ready.”

I’d take an enormous bite of food and, chewing away, I’d continue the craziness of cramming and jamming our poor belongings into containers. Dashing back and forth to our truck with them. About 12:10pm (because it began to look like we could actually get out of our room by 12:30pm) I told Patti what was going on.

At 12:29pm I walked into the Motel 6 office and said to the clerk..

“Here are the keys. We are OUT OF OUR ROOM.”

And ?? I received full credit ($96.24) for Wednesday nights room rent.

Off to Walmart to pick up Mayo Clinic and other prescriptions. I dropped Patti off at Walmart and I and headed down Bell Road to Sam’s Club to fill our truck up with gasoline. When finished, I picked up Patti and at 2:05pm we headed for home in Lake Havasu City. We got onto I-10 West and then we exited at 43rd Avenue to see our friends Bertha (who was home) and Mary who was at her chiropractor (we’d told them we’d stop en route out of Phoenix) so both were expecting us.

Off to the West we went on Interstate 10. Crazy traffic. Trust me friends. Crazy. Either 80 miles an hour or stopped, bumper-to-bumper. We stopped at “Our Rest Stop”, Burnt Well Rest Area on I-10 West out of Phoenix.”

Patti took-the-wheel. I crashed and slept. Into Bouce we drove. I took-the-wheel and through Parker and into Lake Havasu City we went. We arrived about 5:30pm. Then we two immediately went-to-work unloading everything.

At 7:30pm we needed a break. So out and off we went to get dinner.

Singapore Rice Noodles. As good as we’ve ever eaten. We missed you Michael.

Back home to stash our haul.

What Captain is the stuff on top of your refrigerator?

Thought you’d never ask! THE NFL Playoffs are on. We gotta have munchies.

Nine humungus, gigantic bags of popcorn Captain? Yep!

– – – – – – – –

Our Friend, Our Ally, Our Buddy, The One, The Only, Frostbite Frank had knee replacement surgery today. Frank said one photo is worth one thousand words.

The photo below shows us how Frank is feeling.

The doc just left – says the operation went superbly, and that the hardware fits perfectly.  He says I am going to be very pleased with my knee in a month or 2 (whenever it quits hurting).  I will be able to kneel (not possible with most off-the-shelf hardware) and will have full range of motion (I’ll be able to sit on my heels while kneeling, if I work hard enough on stretching).

I’m just finishing my Evening Nutritional Maintenance Unit from the hospital kitchen.  I have figured out that culinary arts students who have no sense of taste and no imagination go into the Hospital Nutrition Program. 

Would gladly trade their good drugs for some good cooking.

When I was 5 or 6 years old, my mom fixed a particularly fabulous dinner.  I told her “Mom, you are a REALLY good cook!  You could get a job in a CAFÊ!”  She laughed about my compliment for the rest of her life.

Suffice it to say that their nutritionist COULD NOT get a job in a cafê.

There is a sign above the hospital kitchen door, which has been photographed and printed on the covers of the menus.  It reads: “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” 

Lord God Frostbite Frank, We All Love You !

From Frank..

– – – – – – – –

I lay down about 12am midnight.

Translation : I totally crashed. I slept a little over 3 hours. Then I got up and here I am. It’s how 5:30am. The Havasu Balloon Festival kicks off in a few hours. I want to be there.

When she arises, Patti will proof read these mind wanderings.

Till then. Good Night. Good Morning. It’s Thursday, January 19th 2023. I am outta heah and heading back-to-bed for a nap.

Cap and (sound asleep) Patti

6 thoughts on “JAN 19, 23 .. BACK SAFELY TO LAKE HAVASU CITY

  1. Frostbite Frank

    Bravo, Cap!
    While you were awake and typing, I was cocooned and sawing logs in Jacobs Medical center. I had no idea that knee replacement could produce such perfect, long, comfortable sleep! 5 hours 50 minutes between pees – a record since before the end of my first marriage! I very much enjoyed Gimmesome Roy: I just finished re-reading “Be Here Now” last week (for the umpteenth time), and last night I had invoked Shel Silverstein’s “Slitheree Dee”:

    “ Last week Slitheree Dee has come out of the sea
    He can catch all the others but he won’t catch me!
    No, you won’t catch me, you old Slitheree Dee!
    You can catch all the others but you won’t catSLURP”

    So your tale of living an exciting life was not wasted on me! It reminded me of a little wizened man who showed up once, and once only, at a Star Group meeting. The fellow said, “Today I’m studying 32 years’ continuous sobriety. Would have been 34 but after 2 years I thought I had learned all I needed to. The same people were sitting in the same meetings telling the same stories, and it got boring and OLD…. I have learned from the car salesman on page 35 of the Big Book: ‘all went well for a time, but he failed to enlarge his spiritual life.‘ [Italics from “but” to the end.]. Now when I go to meetings I listen for what is new, even in a story I’ve heard 50 times. I find something new to enlarge my spiritual life, and I leave every meeting inspired.”

    Your day of packing, driving home from Phoenix, stopping to pee, and having dinner was inspiring, because the people in the story were inspired.

    There is joy in even the most mundane of tasks. What do I need to do to maintain this high? Baba Ram Dass says “chopping wood and carrying water..” It works, if you work it! It just doesn’t get any higher than this!

    Your appointment at Phoenix Mayo worked! New birds have arisen from the ashes!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hiya Frank. Fun to have you “riding along here with us”. Five consecutive days without a comment so your long LONG comment was a welcome sight. Patti and I have really been “with you in spirit and prayer” as you navigate the waters of this challenging physical problem. Any your journey is not yet over but just in its beginning stage. Again so nice to have you with us “Frostbite Frank” along with your wisdom ! Cap and Patti

  2. Michael

    Yah! I 2nd Frank’s synopsis! The new bird has arisen, from Phoenix, takes flight and lands (more or less) at the Chinese restaurant, The Golden Phoenix…in our lovely little town, Lake Havasu City! Coincidence? I think not! I’d humbly submit that yours was what is commonly referred to as ‘a whirlwind’ kinda trip. But of course us Arizonans have so much more flexibility and freedom to ‘up and go’ than most other citizens in our entire USofA due to the milder temperate climate!
    I pray the manic has diminished….you will have what sounds to me like a VERY busy weekend!
    Love and Hugs, Michael

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow Michael. First a comment from “Frostbite Frank”, the first comment here on dotnet in 5 days followed by your comment. The clinically significant manic episode I am experiencing is such a welcome experience after two years of long covid depression with very little energy and crippling fatigue issues. My manic episodes can and often do last for some months. I really thought that never again would I have this energy that has carried me to great heights during my life. See you tomorrow at the Golden Phoenix. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes indeed Frostbite Frank is quite the story-teller Gullible. We have known Frank for some (give or take) twenty years and had NO IDEA whatsoever that he had the sense of humor he has !! Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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