The above title “says it all”. IF anything of substance comes up we will post information here on dotnet. I don’t want to write about routine appointments and YOU don’t want to read about them.

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Our friend and Ally Gullible has posted Chapter 16 of her November 2022 African Safari.

The 2022 Africa Journals, Chapter 16: Story Telling: Finch Hatton

Finch Hatton gave up hunting and began to espouse … creating reserves, such as the Serengeti, and helping to form a new school of hunters and big game safari guides to help protect protected species and combat poaching.-Freddie del Curatolo

The below link will take you to Chapter 16.


We really enjoy Gullible’s posts. 

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Onward with something of interest (I hope) from my photo archives. At this instant, I haven’t-a-clue-in-a-carload what is coming! I doubt if even The Shadow Knows.


Sad to say, Patti left to return to Anchorage, Alaska, soon after we viewed the above scenes of Hong Kong. What an amazing city it is.

Ciao4now. Over and Out. Good Night and Good Day to all.

Cap and Patti 

I often wonder IF you, our reader, after you click onto, and read a post from Gullible, do you return here or, because you don’t know to click on the return arrow ( ← ) at the top left of your computer screen you don’t return here to dotnet. Smiling.

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