Monday, January 16th

No matter how many times we leave one venue (where we are staying, be it “permanent” or “temporary”) and move to another venue (be it “permanent” or “temporary”) it ends up “being a bit to a job”. Sad to say, not one single item we are taking along with us moves itself ! No matter how long we are going to be gone (in this case only two or three nights) it seems to take us three or so hours to get out and on our way.

At least we had no stress with this trip. We now have our own (call it “permanent”) apartment so we did not have a “motel checkout deadline” and were in absolutely no hurry. Our Mayo Clinic appointment is this upcoming Wednesday the 18th so we had plenty of time to make this move.

We left Lake Havasu City about 11:30am. We arrived here at Motel 6, North Bell road in Phoenix about 4:30pm.

En route we stopped at a tire shop in Bouce, Arizona, on Arizona Highway 72 to have our tires checked for air pressure. 


Our right rear tire was low (20 psi) and Tom and Jaoquen accommodated us in fine style. We were really impressed with their hospitality.


In spite of having stayed here many times dating back to 2017, were not able to get a room in the general area we prefer (one of six rooms on the front of the motel immediately adjacent to the motel office), in spite of having telephoned Tony (a day manager) last week advising him we were coming and had made a reservation on the Motel 6 website. We got a room on the back side of the motel. The National Football League playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was due to be televised at 6:20pm and we wanted to get settled.

Long (as in LONG) story short. We got everything out of our truck and into our room and were basically “settled in” when Patti noticed (an hour so so later) her bed and bedding was (call it) damp. Then she determined that my mattress and bedding were very damp as well. I don’t mean damp in one spot, I mean the entire mattress and bedding was “very damp”. It has been raining here in Phoenix and maybe the mattresses had been outside.  Who knows. So we ended up moving into another room in the interior of the motel across from the swimming pool and away from where our truck is parked. It’s now parked immediately in front of the motel office in a handicapped parking space.

Simple huh ? No it was more than a bit of an effort that took about 30 minutes.

And ? The Dallas Cowboys took names and destroyed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 – 14. Was it Tom Brady’s last game? Does The Shadow Know ?

I was a few notches past total exhaustion and lay down to rest about 12 midnight. Got up to write this about 4:30am. It’s now about 5:30am and I am going back to bed.

Over and Out. Patti will proof read this later this morning.


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