Monday, January 23rd

I am writing this post today, on Monday the 23rd of January.

So What Captain ?

Nothing really, it’s just that I always (well never say never and never say always) write these posts in the late evening or the very early morning. By doing this, our friends in the Eastern Time Zone, should they so desire (Gord in Michigan does indeed begin his day by looking at dotnet, not 100% of the time but when his schedule permits) can wake up and begin their day with a post to read.

Beginning last year on Thursday the 22nd of September 2022, I have written posts here on dotnet one hundred and twenty four (124) consecutive days, never having missed one single day. I plan to continue to write and publish daily posts until circumstances dictate that I miss a day. 

– – – – – – – – 

Sunday, January 22nd

In yesterday’s post, toward the end of the post, under Sunday, January 22nd, I wrote : First, I am going to go out about 7:30am to see IF the balloons are going to fly today. 

And yesterday, Sunday morning about 7:30am, I did exactly what I had promised myself, I got out of our apartment and went looking for balloons.

Voila !

The wind had calmed down and the balloons were in the sky !

IF I snapped 20 photos, I snapped two hundred photos! I could not stop snapping them. I had never ever been up close and oh so very personal to the process the balloon crews go through to launch their balloons.

I am not going to do a full post about the process because I want to do that on blogspot. It will be quite a process to get the photos sorted out and I just am not in the mood to do so this instant.

Below are a few photos to whet-your-appetites !

The balloons begin to spread out on the ground. 

In the immediate foreground above is the Gondola the balloon crew and guests ride in. Below the balloon has been filled with hot air and is about to fly.

You can see by the number of people around the gondola that it truly is a process.

When the propane burners are turned on, there is a real ROARING sound ! Just look at the fire !

We have lift off ! The balloon IS IN THE AIR ..

Up, Up and away ! The balloon and crew are about to fly off into the morning sky.

More, much more, to follow on blogspot.

This, Part 4 of 4 Posts, will conclude my coverage of the 2023 HAVASU BALLOON FESTIVAL AND FAIR here on dotnet.

– – – – – – – –

After a few hours of watching the above action, I came home and enjoyed breakfast with Patti.

Then, we turned on our T.V. and we watched the Cincinnati Bengals, on the road as visitors, in an upset, beat the Buffalo Bills 27 – 10 in a game that was not as close as the final score would indicate. The Bills were favored to win and advance to the Conference Finals next Sunday.

Then we drove over to Kingman, Arizona, about a one hour, 60 mile drive. We shopped at the Kingman Walmart and then we attended (the reason we drove over to Kingman) a very interesting meeting that we had been invited to attend along with our friends from Laughlin, Nevada.

By the time we got home, ate a “snack” dinner and got to bed it was (I couldn’t believe it) 2am and I did not have the energy to write and publish this Post last night.

So my streak of publishing a daily post continues and will do so until circumstances stop me.

Much Joy .. Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “JAN 23, 23 (4/4) .. THE 12th ANNUAL HAVASU BALLOON FESTIVAL AND FAIR

  1. Cap

    Yes Olga, I was very satisfied that I got to see what I was hoping to see. Life is good, and having you in our lives adds to the goodness!! Cap and Patti

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