For What It’s Worth, Gullible has published the 17th chapter of her November 2022 African Safari. 

The 2022 African Journals, Chapter 17: Olympians All

Never put an age limit on your dream. Dana Torres, four- time Olympic swimming champion.

To see Chapter 17 please click onto the below link :


Thanks Gullible !

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Oh the subtle challenges of aging. My left thumb has (basically) healed from the deep cut I inflicted upon it last week. I know better than to cut toward myself, always cut away from one’s self but aging has effected my memory. So that challenge to typing has faded away. BUT, right now, this instant, my right hand keeps “going to sleep” (translation : all of the fingers on my right hand are numb with little or no feeling.) I keep interlacing my fingers to stimulate the blood flow but having poor results. This makes for a challenge to type.

My doctors are not being too supportive telling me .. ” I hope I am doing as well as you are doing IF I live to be 86 years of age.”

Gee thanks Doc BUT ..

“Live with it Cap.”

Long sigh !! 

Then a smile !!

Now where to Captain ??

Got it ! Here we go ! Just keep scrolling down !

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Hello Grant and Hello Keller .. Patti and I are so sad to know that your beloved pet dog Rambo passed away quietly in his sleep.

Ap Lei Chau, where Grant and Keller live, is a small island on the south side of the much larger Hong Kong Island and is located directly South of the city of Aberdeen.

One way to get to Ap Lei Chau is to ride a bus from Hong Kong Central and catch the small ferry across the inlet over to Ap Lei Chau.

Gratitude is accepting that all you have is enough.

We have so very, VERY, much to be oh so grateful for.

Instead of thinking about the fact we may never again return to Hong Kong, we must give thanks we have so many happy memories of Hong Kong !!

Gratefully we are .. Cap and Patti

Once again Julia Cameron is correct ..

“When we start to write, we prime the pump and the flow of ideas begins to move. It is the act of writing that calls ideas forth, not ideas that call forward writing.”

Just sit down Cap, begin to write, and Voila ! A Post has appeared !!

4 thoughts on “JAN 24, 23 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank you so very much Gullible for your comment. We googled carpel tunnel syndrome and I not only have the numbness, but also I am continually dropping things. I have an appointment with my Internal Medicine doctor at Mayo in late February and will bring this up with him. Thanks again. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      So happy Eryn that you loved the photo of your one, and only, Aunt Patti. We two are smiling Eryn. Cap and your very own Aunt Patti.

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