A Day In Our Life – SPAM / SCAM Calls

It happens to each, and it happens to every single one of us who have “smart phones”, we get phone calls, we get text messages, from people and from phone numbers that we don’t have in our List of Contacts and we have no idea of who they are.

Sad to say, many (not all) of these unknowns calls and text messages are from people who mean us no good. Scam artists who are very good at what they do. They can outwit and outsmart us IF we let them get in touch with us. They are smart people and they are very good at what they do.

With regard to the phone calls, if we don’t recognize the number, we DO NOT ANSWER. IF they are legitimate callers they will leave a voicemail message. No voicemail message. We block the number.

The nefarious (typically of an action or activity wicked or criminal. “The nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates” ) text message : “Hi” .. I block them instantly.

Yesterday in came a very detailed and somewhat long text message to Katherine with thanks for caring for Nini (I am assuming) her dog. And the below photo.

Because of the above photo, unlike I usually do (block and delete the text) I replied simply stating “You have the wrong number.”

Instantly back came a reply stating “I KNOW I have the correct number saved to my List of Contacts”. I just ignored it. Then in came another text message : “I just checked the number, I am very sorry, it seems that I entered the wrong area code, so this misunderstanding happened, I hope I did not cause you too much trouble.” So I replied : “Smiling. My wife and I LOVED the photo of the dog. I’m going to put the precious photo up on my website. 907 area code is Alaska.. I’ll send you a photo.”

And I sent the below photos with a caption.

Winter in Alaska !! Can you see the bunny in his Winter coat? Ciao4now.

Reply : “The bunny is cute, it’s the first time I saw a bunny in winter clothes.” .. and another .. “I think this is an interesting thing, I will record all this and share it with Katherine. .. Can we be friends ! ” and another .. “Thank you for your forgiveness, it is my negligence to disturb you. I will invite you to have a cup of coffee or whiskey.”

I replied (I made up a name for her) : “Petunia we are IN Alaska.”

A Day In Our Life.

– – – – – – – –

Speaking of A Day In Our Life.

This past weekend was the Havasu Balloon Festival.

We have a saying In The Rooms : The Circus Has Left Town But The Monkey Is Still On My Back.

The Havasu Balloon Festival is done and finished until next year. BUT Sports Fans, it remains a bit of a presence in our daily lives.

In our local newspaper.

And ? Get this ! Yesterday morning, as I came out of our local Smith’s Food and Drug Market, VIOLA ! Hot Air Balloons up in the sky.

There were five (5) different Hot Air Balloons flying. It figures ! Our local Hot Air Balloon aficionados (a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime) are not going to fly their balloons only during the Havasu Balloon Festival. They will be flying them “when the spirit calls them”.

Hot Diggety Dog .. Patti and I ARE GETTING INTO life here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Cap and Patti.

A Day In Our Life

Yes ! The past day or so, Patti has had some bothersome (coughing, fatigue, a bad cold) possible Covid symptoms that got serious yesterday afternoon. Out and off I went to get 8 Covid home testing kits and a thermometer. We did the home test and Patti tested negative. Having had it twice already, we are in no mood to ignore possible symptoms. We both felt much better and relieved knowing she is Covid negative. 

Yes Oh Yes indeed ! Her very challenging and bothersome symptoms persist but they are LONG COVID (dating back to January of 2020) symptoms and not fresh covid symptoms

4 thoughts on “JAN 28, 23 .. WANDERING THE STREETS OF MY MIND (yet again)

  1. Michael

    Cap, I thoroughly enjoy your posts! I, for one signed onto following your adventures and exploits quite a few years ago (15?). Needless to say I’ve never been disappointed with learning of your foibles and follies! lol (I say that with a loving heart!)
    First and foremost, I hate to see anyone of my good friends and family members who is ill (with any malady!) or not feeling well! I know how much you and Patti have struggles with lingering covid effects and as much as my heart feels for Patti, and prays for her return to wellness, I’m elated that it’s a covid negative test result! I’m sendin Patti Peace, Love, Light and endless prayers she gets back to ‘normal’ quickly!
    Indeed I enjoyed your Nini and Katherine texting saga! And your response (smiling!). I get that same ’emoji’ from you in some of our daily texts and missed phone calls! It puts a smile right smack dab back on my face! lol
    Re: the Baloon Fest all I care to comment is “Well, LOOK what the winds blew in”…..and right back out! The balloon festival has been decimated with winds the past few yrs! It costs balloonist’s ‘bundles’ to transport and put their flyin’ machines into the air, notwithstanding the financial and cultural loss to our little desert town and the visitors who book rooms, purchase amenities and look forward to this event. I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor who puts his balloon up when the winds are legal and his retort was “these winds are allowing me any ‘play money!’ He’s retired so it’s a never-ending struggle recoup his investment in ballooning! He also taught me that the air is actually a lot warmer up at 1000ft than on the ground, as cold air sits on the ground in the early morning hours.
    It’s still thrilling to see these beautiful flying machines overhead in our lovely community! Thank you again for taking us along on another adventure!
    Loving you both…..Michael

    1. Cap Chastain

      Michael Oh Michael what a marvelous comment. Yes Nini the dog with a photo in the text made me re-think just blocking Petunia. Thanks for your prayers and support and love for Patti as she is struggling with LONG Covid. Your Allies.. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes I will pass along you best wishes Olga. Patti sees all of our comments. Patti is still experiencing LONG Covid for the past several years. Smiles and Thanks Olga .. Cap and Patti

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