In a perfect world, I write and publish these dotnet posts during the evening preceding the publication date. Those of you care to, and are able to do so, will read this Post on Friday the 10th of February.

In a perfect world mind you.

As I write these words .. 

It is 5:31pm, Thursday afternoon, the 9th of February.

At 5am this morning, when I tried to sign onto our laptop, I discovered that our first class, T-Mobile, internet service had ceased. Not to worry I said to myself. And? All day long both Patti and I have been trying to get on-line with no luck. And? Our first class T-Mobile internet service remains down.

What to do?

Patti and I just drove down to our local Lake Havasu City magnificent Public Library, and I signed on here.  IMMEDIATELY I went to my Mayo Clinic portal because last night, online, I had contacted our gastroenterologist asking for his thoughts on performing an upper endoscopy on me for some bothersome swallowing issues that have rather suddenly “come into my life”.

First, completely “out-of-the-blue” a sudden ear ache while I am sleeping with ear bleeding etc happens.

Now, my swallower has become an issue. Well, truth-be-told, this is not exactly a new issue.


I will sign off. Later tonight I will call Andrej my outstanding web master and ask Andrej to publish this Post.

Ciao4now. Over And Out

Cap and Patti

For Danny, Patti’s younger brother.

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday Dear Danny..

Happy Birthday to you..


We wish you many MANY more Danny.

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