TOMORROW is the Super Bowl, the final game of the National Football League’s season.

I thought I’d call this to your ( yes YOUR ) attention just in case you might forget !

The Super Bowl will be played in the greater Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area (in Glendale to be specific).

At the same time, the final round of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Waste Management Open will be played. This is NOT a good time to be in Phoenix. The cost of hotel and motel rooms will be over-the-top expensive and traffic could be mind bending.

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Philadelphia Eagles.

And? According to all of the football pundits, the game will be close and who will win is a toss-up. The spread favors the Eagles by 1.5 points and the over / under is 51 points.

We wait all year for this game and, snap-your-fingers, the game will be over and the wait for next years Super Bowl will begin.

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Our Friend and Ally Gullible is a football fan and undoubtedly she will be watching the game with all of us.

Oh By The Way, Gullible has published Chapter 21 of her November 2022 African Safari.

The 2022 Africa Journals, Chapter 21: A Bountiful Buffet before Breakfast

A Bountiful Buffet before Breakfast

A sense of humor is good for you. Have you ever heard of a laughing hyena with heartburn?–Bob Hope

Thanks For The Memories Bob !

Just in case you don’t regularly check Gullible’s website, by clicking onto the below link you will see this recent Post.


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Cap and Patti

By The Way (BTW), thankfully our internet WiFi is back up and running. A local contractor, installing three air conditioning units in our apartment building, caused the outage. It’s (call it sobering, call it stunning) amazing how much being without WiFi for just over a full day affects all of us. Our You Tube T.V. is WiFi based so we began to wonder about where we would watch the Super Bowl. 

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