MAR 1, 23 .. CAP’S ENDOSCOPY .. FEB 28, 23

In a sort of “perverse way”, I did this to myself.

It began back in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, on Wednesday, the 1st of February, when I met with my gastroenterologist to discuss the attack of diverticulitis that I experienced a little over one year ago on December 31st 2021. During this very routine annual follow-up appointment, my Lake Havasu City gastroenterologist, in a very casual and off-handed manner, asked me if I was having any troubles swallowing. I said “No” to him and thought to myself “Actually I AM having some issues swallowing BUT I don’t want to discuss it here. I will discuss it with my Mayo Clinic primary care doctor.”

Then I mentioned it to my Mayo Clinic primary care doctor. I also mentioned it to my Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist as well. Finally, my most recent Upper Endoscopy was in 2017 so, in a very real way, it was time to have one.

Had I not said anything, this Upper Endoscopy would not have occurred. 

But occur it did!

Patti snapped the below photos.

Don’t I look so happy / joyous / free ?

Actually I was indeed happy / joyous / free.

The back of my right hand. An I.V. drip and an oxygen monitor.

My view across the prep-room area. I snapped these next two photos.

Then out and off to the operating room I went.

Here is the deal : The primary reason I had this Upper Endoscopy was because of my issue with some difficulty swallowing. So, the upper part of my esophagus was “dilated”, opened up and enlarged, with a balloon. THIS dilation, performed during the Endoscopy, is what has caused the soreness in my throat! Had I not brought up this swallowing issue, I would NOT have a sore throat. So I did this to myself!

I have indeed done an Upper Endoscopy several times so I knew full well what to expect. The medical staff gets you “positioned” properly, and in one nano-second, I am asking them “When will we begin?” A new medical team member is smiling and saying “Your procedure is complete! Would you like some crushed ice?”

Let me, allow me, to state the following : In 1943, yes umpteen decades ago, I had my tonsils removed. When I came out of the anesthesia at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, back in 1943, my throat hurt like I couldn’t believe. I was offered all of the cold ice cream I could swallow. Up until this experience, that was the worst my throat had ever pained me.

Yesterday, after the procedure, my throat was sore! Oh My, Oh My! My throat was ..


Crocodile Dundee would have exclaimed, “Mate! THAT IS A SORE THROAT!”

When the medical team offered me some crushed ice, I leapt at the opportunity. I am saving the small, black plastic spoon as a memento!

Patti was waiting for me in our truck out in front when I was taken out of the hospital by a wheel chair attendant.

“Patti let’s head for Circle K and get a very large Circle K Froster!” 

A Circle K Froster is flavored, very finely crushed ICE. Just what I wanted to ingest.

Then off we went from Circle K , with me clutching the ice cold Circle K Froster, to meet Kris, a friend from Detroit visiting Phoenix as part of her employment.

After a great visit with Kris, Patti and I drove back to the Mayo Clinic for another appointment to get another blood test. We then went to Costco to do some shopping, stopped at Dollar Tree for some groceries, and came back to our Motel 6 room.

At 5:20am on Wednesday March the 1st, Oh My, Oh My, even swallowing saliva remains a real adventure in discomfort. Yes! I was given medicine for the sore throat. So far I have opted NOT to take it! The side effect of not taking the pain medicine is a SORE THROAT.

FEB 25, 23, here on dotnet, I wrote about side-effects from medicines and medical procedures (anesthesia causing some problems in some people). I seem to have survived the anesthesia (at least for the time being). 

Side effects of my Upper Endoscopy?

A very sore throat that hopefully will lead to better swallowing.

It was also found that I have a (non-bleeding) stomach ulcer.

No Upper Endoscopy. No anesthesia. I would have no idea of a potential problem with a stomach ulcer!

So “Damn The Torpedoes” I am happy I had the Upper Endoscopy.

Still Smiling.

Cap and Patti 

Oh By The Way .. Tonight, Wednesday March the 1st, I have an overnight sleep study at the Mayo Clinic.

4 thoughts on “MAR 1, 23 .. CAP’S ENDOSCOPY .. FEB 28, 23

  1. Olga

    Oh, Cap!
    Everything in this post sounds “happy / joyous / free” but in reality it’s a very hard job of yours and your doctors’. Thank you for giving this complex and difficult moment of your life so “swallowable”… Cap, dear, hug you! You’re very courageous and responsible. You’ve got through the procedure and posted all this story.
    Hug and say hello to Patti, please! She is your Angel, I am convinced of this once and once again.
    And thank you very much for teaching me in quite a lot of new medicine terminology. I’m really stunned this time…
    Sincerely yours, with love.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      As is said over here Olga, all of this is NO “Cake Walk”. A “Cake Walk” means to achieve something very easily. Cap

  2. Gullible

    Hah! They slipped you a Mickey!

    Good to hear it’s all over, but what caused the swallowing issues in the first place?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Gullible I have absolutely no idea (I suppose I could “Google” it) as to why anyone develops swallowing issues. In my case, during the pre Endoscopy preparation appointment, the upper part of my Esophagus had become reduced in size and thereby constricted food passing down to my stomach. Odd but only one thing, the very large Calcium tablets, were causing me any difficulty. Go figure. My throat remains sore / and uncomfortable but it is now about 75% better that it was after the procedure. Cap

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