FEB 28, 23 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH ..

For What It’s Worth .. Today is an important day for me in terms of my Mayo Clinic appointments.

At 8:30am I will check in for a 10am Upper Endoscopy Procedure. My last endoscopy was back in 2017. Within the past year-or-so I have been experiencing some (call them) swallowing issues. So I asked my Mayo Clinic Gastroenterologist for his opinion on this issue. After a pretty thorough consultation with his staff, my doctor agreed that an Upper Endoscopy would be in order. 

This procedure has turned out to require two appointments. First, last Thursday the 23rd, I had the Fluoroscopic Swallow Function Exam, in the Department of Radiology. Today I have the Upper Endoscopy Procedure.

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Friends of Bill I published a post on blogspot. If you are interested please click onto the below link ..


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For What It’s Worth, in comment 2 to yesterday’s post (FEB 27, 23) Gullible stated :  You tell us your medical appointments, but not the results. Do tell.

 I replied : Basically I feel we have pretty much mentioned the results of our Mayo appointments. I’ll try to do a short synopsis of them in a future online post. This trip is more about me than Patti. All of Patti’s appointments have been of the “follow up” genre. So there is not a lot to say about them. Again, when I can do a good and thorough job-of-it, I’ll do a synopsis of important medical issues (my left ear issues, my physical exam, my upper endoscopy) for you and other readers who seem to really be interested. Smiles and thanks for your continuing interest. Cap

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The time has come to get ready for today’s medical procedure.

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  1. Cap and Patti

    Thank you for the prayers and your support Olga. The endoscopy is done. I have a sore throat, but now resting in our motel room. Smiles, Cap

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