Friday the 3rd of March 2023

As I sit down here at my laptop, it is 10:34pm. I was up and at ’em before 6am this morning. We turned in our room keys at Motel 6 at 10:47am just under-the-wire (check out time was 11am). We drove down I-17 South to I-10 West and headed for (all the signs were labeled) Los Angeles. Two exits later (43rd Avenue) we got off the Interstate and visited friends for around an hour and a half.

At 12:25pm we headed West “for real”. All of our other previous trips (both going and returning) took at least four hours to drive the 206 miles from our Motel 6 on West Bell Road in Phoenix to our apartment at 2155 Moyo Drive in Lake Havasu City. On all of our other previous trips we stopped at least one time but often two times. Today I drove the 206 miles without stopping in (our best ever time) 3 hours 25 minutes.

We headed for Home Depot and Walmart. Then to our apartment to unpack. I took a 20 minute nap and we attended a 7pm couples group meeting. I am about to fall asleep as I type these words.

To quote Patti : We are safely and we are happily back in Lake Havasu City.

Saturday the 4th of March 2023

8am to 3pm – The Havasu Deuces Car Show

A few photos from last years show ..

And ?

Ciao4now. Over and Out.

Cap and Patti

“Just call my name, I’ll be there at the Deuce Show!”

BTW this is Post Number 2,100 !!

Post Number 1 was August 16th, 2011 !!


  1. Olga

    It’s great to have you home!
    In Russia we say that even the walls of your house help! You’ll quickly recover from the impressions of all the procedures :-)
    And I personally have a new adventure ahead of me: a photo tour of The Havasu Deuces Car Show ;-)

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You (Спасибо) Olga for your kind words. Yes it IS nice to be surrounded by our very own walls of our very own apartment. YES Oh YES there will be a lot of photos of the Havasu Deuce Show. Smiling Cap

  2. Michael

    Welcome back, Kotter!! lol It seems like forever you have been gone so it’s heartwarming to know you both are back to a semblance of fine low desert temps and an endless stream of community events. Our town council should dedicate a Cap and Patti Day! (just my humble opinion!). Great to know all went well for you both in Phoenix, and most importantly, at the Mayo! Back home now, time for more car shows, Taco Tues, and perhaps a sit-down with Singapore Rice Noodles (I dunno…your blogs on the Chinese Cashew Chicken sounds might tempting, too!) Welcome home, dear friends.
    Love ya,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael .. Was Ist Los Mit the term : Kotter. We were basically away for two weeks. Yes indeed it is great to be back in Lake Havasu City. Outstanding temperatures Michael. The weather could not possibly be better!! We sure hope Little Bit is doing O.K. after her encounter when you sat down (sort of) upon her. We have no idea about Cashew Chicken here in Lake Havasu City. Try some at the Golden Phoenix? I saw Golden Phoenix John down at the Havasu Deuces show this afternoon. Love Ya Back Michael. See you at the 7pm Speaker meeting? Cap and Patti

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          Gotcha Gullible Thanks. I “Googled Kotter”. Kotter was an American sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan as a high-school teacher circa September 1975. I was living in West Germany at the time Gullible so I totally missed it. Smiling .. Cap

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