Tuesday the 7th of March.

This morning (hopefully before 12 noon) Patti and I are driving (206 miles, 4+ hours) from Lake Havasu City to Phoenix for another appointment at the Mayo Clinic.

Here’s the deal.

During our last visit to the Mayo Clinic, the week before last, on February the 23rd, Patti was in an appointment with her Allergist (a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma and other allergic diseases). Will you all keep-in-mind that Allergists are not heart doctors. Will all of you keep-in-mind that Mayo Clinic Doctors may be among the best Medical Doctors in the U.S. bar none.

Because her Allergist noticed that both of Patti’s legs (from the knees down to her feet) were swollen (Edema) Patti’s Allergist highly recommended that Patti see a Cardiologist. As many (probably most) of you know, Cardiologists are medical doctors who have extra education and training in preventing, diagnosing and treating heart conditions.

Her Allergist then “placed an order for treatment by a Cardiologist” into the system. You can’t “just see” a Mayo Doctor. You need a referral. 

The same day, February the the 23rd, Patti contacted the Cardiology Department and was told she needed an EKG and a special blood test. Again, the same day (February 23rd), Patti had both the EKG and the special blood test.

Patti was now “in the system”. Next step, she contacted scheduling in the Cardiology Department. Patti was told : ” We will look into the availability of a Cardiologist and advise you.” She heard nothing. Each day thereafter Patti called them again and was told :”We are still working on this for you. It will probably be June before we have an appointment available. We will get back to you.” Once again she heard nothing.

Yesterday afternoon, Monday the 6th of March once again Patti called the Cardiology Department.

She was told : “You have been approved for an appointment with a Cardiologist. We will connect you with scheduling.”

After a short, perhaps 5 minute wait, an automated voice in scheduling advised Patti over the phone : “Your approximate waiting time will be twenty six (26) minutes.” Patti sighed ready to hang-up. I said : “Patti WAIT!”

In just about twenty six (26) minutes an outstanding scheduler answered. Patti was told : “Yes appointments are into June.” Patti said : “Can I do a video appointment?” .. “NO your initial appointment MUST be live and in person. Let me check for you on cancellations.”

VOILA ! Get this ! GET   THIS !!

The outstanding scheduler said : “We have an appointment available this Wednesday the 8th of March at 9:30am.” 

Patti said : “We can’t make it!” 

I literally screamed across the room from Patti : “Yes we can make it!”

So out and off we will head for Phoenix (206 miles, 4+ hours) hopefully before 12noon.

To Be Continued. So Stay Tuned.

Cap and Patti


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much Ginny. We had a safe ride to Phoenix and we are ready to see what is up with Patti’s EKG and blood work. Smiles Ginny. Cap and Patti.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Right you are Gullible. Snap your fingers and things, life itself, can change. Thanks for your support. Patti

  1. Michael

    I’m tuned in!! And praying for a healthy prognosis for Patti! Be safe on the Hwy mis amigos! God speed! Don’t rush back at breakneck speed either. Enjoy the drive there’s so much majesty of the AZ deserts to be taken in. UCLA plays it’s first NCAA Tournament game on Thur. @ 1pm. That may be a ‘gimmie’, or perhaps not!
    You both are on my mind and in my heart!
    Love always,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much Michael for your continuing interest in our “Doings”. It means a lot to us. Yes there is a lot to enjoy in the drive to and from. In March Madness you “never know” Michael. Go UCLA Bruins. See you for dinner Thursday God Be Willing. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom. Thanks so very much for your support. We had a great safe drive to Phoenix in excellent time. Cap and Patti

  2. Eva Wissmann

    Patti good going getting the cardiologist so soon. You’re in good company with Cap and the doctors you have. Be well and grateful. Thinking of you, love Eva

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You so very much Eva. Indeed we are grateful Eva. Being a Mayo Clinic patient is a privilege not a right. Nice of you to check in Eva. Patti

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