Thanks so very VERY MUCH to Patti’s niece Eryn for the stunning photograph of Vigo and the Full Moon in Girdwood, Alaska, to start out today’s Post. 

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I full well realize and appreciate the fact that many of you do not check dotnet daily. IF the above title of this post surprises you, and IF you are interested in seeing why-on-earth Patti and I are back in Phoenix, Arizona, for yet another round of appointments here at the Mayo Clinic, please click onto the below link and look over yesterday’s (MAR 7, 23) Post.

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Tuesday March the 7th 2023

Patti and I left our apartment in Lake Havasu City just before high noon (11:55am) heading for Phoenix, Arizona, and a Mayo Clinic appointment tomorrow on Wednesday the 8th of March. We arrived at Motel 6 on West Bell Road at 3:30pm. We drove 208 miles in 3 hours and 35 minutes WITH two, 15 minute delays.

The first delay was a 15 minute construction delay. Traffic was stopped because one lane of the two lane road, Arizona Highway 72 East, was closed. During the 15 minute delay Patti took the wheel and I settled down for a rest. I was up before 6am getting us out of our apartment and I was “bushed”. 

The second delay was when we stopped on Interstate 10 East about 70 miles West of Phoenix so Patti and I could stretch and use the rest rooms.

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We got a great room here in the Motel 6 on West Bell Road close to the Front Office and Ice Machine. We unloaded our truck and headed for our favorite meeting here in Phoenix, a 5:30pm meeting at Shea Blvd and 56th Street. The below link will show you what our favorite meeting here in Phoenix looks like.

Then out and off we went for dinner.

Patti and I have been eating at the below George & Sons Asian Cuisine Restaurant off Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd in Scottsdale, since January of 2017.

A photo of George with Patti and me.

Patti and I have, in a “vauge way”, known that George has other restaurants in the greater Phoenix metro area. In fact one of his other restaurants is very close to where we stay in North Phoenix at the Motel 6 on West Bell Road. After our meeting, we decided that for the very first time ever, we would eat at his restaurant located near North 31st Avenue in the gigantic “Deer Valley” shopping mall.

This venue was George’s first restaurant.

Gullilble ! Michael ! All of you ! You get one guess as to what we enjoyed for dinner.

Singapore Rice Noodles !

Ciao4now. This will do it for Tuesday March the 7th 2023.

It’s late and Patti and I have had a long, very intense day.

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Wednesday March the 8th 2023

At 9:30am this morning, Patti will meet her new Mayo Clinic Cardiologist, to discuss the EKG and special blood tests Patti had on February the 23rd.

We’ve absolutely NO IDEA of what is coming.

Stay tuned.

Cap and Patti


  1. Gullible

    I hope you enjoyed your Singapore Rice Noodles and I also hope you did your stomach ulcer a favor and laid off the caustic chili oil that you like so much. Best wishes to Patti.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      No extra hot chili oil was available. The Singapore Rice Noodles were just spiced as the cook liked it. I KNOW both Patti and I liked them! Thanks Gullible. Cap and Patti who was part and parcel of the evening with me.

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