Wednesday March 8th 2023 (aka Yesterday)

The day the “Rubber Hit The Road”.

If you have not seen the first two of this series of three Posts please check out our Post dated MAR 7, 23.

I will let Patti step in here and “Fill You In” as to her Mayo Clinic appointments today, on Wednesday March the 8th.

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Hi Followers!! We were early getting to Mayo Clinic for my appointment with the cardiologist this morning. Perhaps we were both a “bit anxious” to find out what this was all about and have some questions answered for us. It was scheduled to be a one-hour initial consultation with my doctor. She began by verifying several things in my file, and subsequently got to asking me about the swelling in my ankles and lower legs that had alerted the allergy doctor I see. Long story short, the cardiologist said I have “mild edema”, puffiness caused by excess fluid in the body tissues. She recommended I wear compression socks in the daytime, and that was basically it. Except .. she placed an order for me to have an echocardiogram a medical procedure that uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart.  I went to “scheduling” and asked when I could have this procedure. Once again, amazingly, a scheduler pulled out all the stops and got that scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:35am. The cardiologist said that this was just one more assurance that all is okay, nothing serious to worry about. What a relief!! Cap and I walked out of there breathing much more easily. You know where your head can take you when you don’t yet have all the answers!! Hopefully, we will head back to Lake Havasu tomorrow and enjoy more of our apartment and the people and community there.

That’s all folks .. back to Cap ..

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Thursday March 9th 2023 (aka Today)

We’ll be up early this morning to get back to the Mayo Clinic Hospital for Patti to have her echocardiogram at 8:35am.

Then (with a checkout time of 11am fast approaching) we will get back to Motel 6 and get our belongings into our truck and head West on Interstate 10 about 110 miles to exit 45 (Vicksburg Road) to connect to Arizona Hwy 72 (through Bouse) and Arizona Hwy 95 through Parker and back to Lake Havasu City (a 4 hour drive of 208 miles). We are getting to know this routine “By Heart”!

Then we plan to celebrate Michael’s birthday at our favorite restaurant in Lake Havasu City, the Golden Phoenix. We are seriously considering trying their Cashew Chicken.

Over And Out Still Standing Still Smiling

Cap and Patti


  1. Gullible

    Good to hear. I’ve ever taking HCTZ , a mild diuretic, for years for water retention.

    Try some of that honey walnut shrimp.

      1. Cap Chastain

        We did check your Chapter 26 last night. We saw your challenges with sleep etc BUT you made the afternoon tour. Great photos 4 – 6 of a black backed jackal puppy! Smiling Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain

      HCTZ. Hydrochlorothiazide. We checked it out on Google. A medicine for high blood pressure and fluid retention. WOW the possible side effects are (let’s say) interesting. Then again there are side effects to NOT taking the HCTZ. Smiles Cap and Patti

  2. Michael

    Yippie-Skippy!! Such joyous news to hear your doctor’s diagnosis for water retention and swelling. I dunno about you, Patti, but any socks compression or not, seem to hurt more than they help. But I’m positive you will follow the doctor’s instructions. I pray that it relieves the swelling. You guys are amazing with the time and energies you spend dashing around AK, AZ, the contiguous lower 48 and this little blue marble, earth. I hope you have a more than pleasant drive back home to LHC! Looking forward to sitting down to dinner at the Golden Phoenix with you. Wait a minute! You’re leaving Phoenix. Shouldn’t our quaint lil restaurant here be named ‘Golden Havasu?’ hee-hee, ha-ha-a!
    Love ya both. Peace out!

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