MAR 22, 23 .. OUTRAGEOUS !

Tuesday the 21st of March 2023

Do you all want OUTRAGEOUS (shockingly bad or excessive, very bold, unusual, and startling) ?

Here is OUTRAGEOUS : Late in the afternoon today Patti and I were out and about. We went to a 5pm meeting, did just a little bit of running around and then came home for the evening.

“Captain? What is so OUTRAGEOUS about that?”

Right now the temperature up in Anchorage, Alaska, is 34°F.

Here is OUTRAGEOUS : The ambient temperature here in Lake Havasu City,  Arizona, was a frigid and very chilly sixty two degrees (62°F).

So, because we were cold, we turned on the heater in our truck.


“Oh Cap and Patti! The two of you have become “Desert Rats”.

/Signed/ Michael, Ginny who we KNOW will really relate to this and maybe even Tom Tiger.

– – – – – – – –

Hello Gullible!! What do you think of us being cold enough at 62°F for us to turn on the truck heater in our Suburban?

Hello Again Gullible, Thanks for Chapter 29 of your November 2022 African Safari.

The Day of the Big Cats .. Part 2 of a Great Day for Everything

If you kick a lion when it is down, God help you when it gets up.

–Matshona Dhilwayo

Click onto the below link to check out her most recent Post.

– – – – – – – –

Ciao4now. Over And Out.

Cap and Patti

This upcoming Sunday the 26th of March we move out of our apartment and head North to Laughlin, Nevada, and a Subway Footlong Party with Tom and Ginny. Saturday April 1st we fly home to Anchorage. It seems “Fitting” that we chose “April Fools Day” to leave weather in the 60s that we feel is ccccold to go home to 34°F temperatures and snow and dangerous “Black Ice” on roads and sidewalks.

6 thoughts on “MAR 22, 23 .. OUTRAGEOUS !

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Odd. I am finding that the temperatures in the 70s are just fine. It used to be the 70s were getting too hot for my comfort. Last year, I went out in Phoenix to get us a Subway Sandwich when it was 107°F and, much to my surprise, I did just fine. Hum?? Smiles .. Cap

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