APR 9, 23 .. EASTER SUNDAY 2023



          HE IS RISEN

A beautiful Calla Lily from India for you this Easter Sunday


Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “APR 9, 23 .. EASTER SUNDAY 2023

    1. Karolynn

      Hi, Gullible. I live in Anchorage. I believe we are expected to top 100 inches of snow this year – not 200! Ha! 100 is enough! And so far this weekend, west Anchorage, where I live, hasn’t received more than two inches. But it has started again and will continue on through the day and night. It’s not the snow that’s so bad, it’s the wind which is making it feel much colder than the 19 degrees here so far today. Brrr! Will it ever end?
      On another note I see that Phoenix is supposed to reach 90 today and 99 tomorrow. I would much rather be cold and put on more clothes than hot like that! I do not like heat. Guess that’s from living here so long.

    2. Gullible

      Typo! Make that 100 inches. Currently 17 degrees, blizzard warning in effect with up to two feet accumulations where I am.

      Anchorage news says it’s the coldest Easter ever. And then we had a 4.9 earthquake.

      You should consider staying until June.

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