With God and Patti as my witnesses, I wrote this Post last night, Saturday the 15th of April. Now I will admit I was “almost fatigued past the point exhaustion” and here is the proof of that. As Patti sat down to “proof read it” last night, I told Patti that I had published it.

And? Now, at 12:23pm noontime Sunday the 16th of April, I went to look at it on line and it was NOT published. I had written it and failed to press publish.

“Yes Captain! You were indeed tired last night!”

– – – – – – – –

In all of the (almost) 29 years we have been together, I have never (as in NEVER EVER) asked Patti to do something that I just asked Patti to do for me.

Before I told her what I wanted her to do for me, I told her “Never, in all of our time together, have I asked you to do what I am about to ask you to do for me.”

Some background.

Some (let’s say) 20 years ago (that would be year 2003, a reasonable guess) our neighbor, Ann Russell (who passed away 6 or so years ago), up in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska, asked Patti if she ever “froze” grapes? Patti had not ever frozen grapes. She then tried some frozen grapes and (if not daily because of our International travels and no refrigerator) almost daily has enjoyed frozen grapes on her breakfast cereal.

Ann Russell froze grapes as a “snack” NOT a breakfast extra.

Seldom has Patti eaten frozen grapes as a “snack”.

So (taa – daa ) the “Stage is set”.

I just asked Patti to go to our freezer and to bring me some of her frozen grapes.

She did and we both LOVED them.

Then we called Ann’s sister down in Phoenix and asked Mary, “Did you know your sister Ann froze grapes?”

Mary replied, “Cap and Patti, I am the one that taught Ann about frozen grapes.”

So how you all know our “frozen grapes” story.

And thus my heading ..


This, in my humble opinion, is pretty low for a Post.

But I Am Smiling,

Cap and Patti

By The Way !! The grapes are very pleased with this Post. I even added a new category “grapes” for them.

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