I wrote yesterday’s Post (dated APR 16, 23), Saturday evening the 15th of April. As I was writing it, I was “almost at the point exhaustion”. When Patti sat down to “proof read it” Saturday evening, I told Patti that I had published it. So she didn’t publish it.

At 12:23pm noontime yesterday, Sunday the 16th of April, I went to look at it on line and it was NOT published. I had written it and failed to press publish.

“Yes Captain! You were indeed tired Saturday night!”

So all of you who read yesterday’s Post before 12:23pm yesterday are getting a TWO-FER. This Post and yesterday’s Post which was not yet published.

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Gullible says : Cap, when you are stuck, just go out, take some photos and publish them.

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Sunday, April 16th 2023

What .. A .. Day .. My .. Morning .. Walk ..

As I went out for my routine Sunday morning walk, will you all just look at what I saw (and I mean literally) the instant that I stepped out of our front door.

The below photos are in the order I snapped them.

I absolutely LOVE seeing our local Hot Air Balloons.

What a day it is, here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Sun bathing in Anchorage, Alaska.

The above photo courtesy of a friend in Anchorage. Thanks K.C.

This is a walk that I do every Sunday morning (sans Hot Air Balloons). It is a round trip of 1.6 miles.  I walk downhill 0.8 miles to a meeting in our local hospital. Then I walk uphill 0.8 miles back home to our apartment.

Sad to say (I must be getting old!) on the uphill walk I run out of steam. So I just stop at several favorite rest stops to relax, be present in the beautiful day, and catch my breath.

My favorite rest stop! A lovely, senior citizen’s, plush couch that thinks it is beautiful.

Hiya My Beautiful Couch!

From my couch, a photo looking down the street (Moyo Drive).

And a photo looking up the street in the direction as I am walking home.

Do all of you see, in the above photos, what I mean about one BEAUTIFUL DAY?

Another photo from K.C. up in Anchorage.

Oh My Oh My, compare the two locations. To think that, in two short weeks, Patti and I will be back in Anchorage, Alaska, is something to ponder.

I get home and check out my photos and discover ..

Oh No!

I dropped one of my favorite smart phone stylus pens!

So out and off I go back to my couch.

What’s that I see at the foot of my couch.

Can it be?

“Dad! I was really frightened wondering IF you’d miss me, and if so, would you come back looking for me.” /s/ your favorite stylus. “Gotcha my little stylus friend!”

I found my little stylus. Then later, I lost one of my favorite canes. 

Cap and Patti

Now please, don’t forget to continue to scroll down to see yesterday’s Post about grapes. 

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