Here we go ..

Back, way back, on April the 4th, I unsuccessfully attempted to upload some Air Show videos that Tom and Ginny sent to me.


Then I began to explore how I can upload such videos into our posts here on dotnet. Keep in mind that during my 11 years and counting I have never ever wanted to upload videos.

The answer seemed to be to first upload the videos into YouTube. Then insert the YouTube link to the videos into the Post here on dotnet.

Far, far, easier said than done. Last Saturday, by appointment, I met one-on-one for 30 minutes with a local library employee who has some YouTube computer experience. We found that I had to take several steps to first establish my YouTube account. I (of all things) had to insert another photo. Then I had to establish a YouTube Channel. Then it took far FAR longer than I had anticipated it would take to upload a short video. But I seemed to have gotten the project accomplished. Or did I?

Today, I went back to the library, signed into my YouTube Account, found the video, copied its code, and have now inserted the below link to the YouTube video. 

Here we go to see if you can view the video. 


Only after I publish this Post will I myself know if I have succeeded.

So? Here we go.


Well it worked. BUT it seems that it wanted to keep playing again and again! Then! Below our video are an entire series of other videos that I have no idea of what they are and why they are there.

Who knows (The Shadow?) where I will go from here!

We planned to go to Laughlin, Nevada TODAY but have delayed that trip until tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th.


  1. Gullible

    Well, congratulations. That sure seems like a lot more trouble than I went through, but you have opened yourself to a brand new adventure. Well done.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Gullible you probably began inserting videos into your posts a decade-or-so-ago. Back then it may have been a tad less complicated plus, I think in general, you are uploading your own videos and that maybe makes a difference. Yes Oh Yes I will continue to experiment with Tom and Ginny’s other videos and I plan to write more about the process (where you MUST also state if the video is safe for children or not, whether or not you want it visible to everyone or only certain people, etc). Your “coaching” and support have been valuable. Thanks so very much. Cap

  2. Gullible

    PS: Yes, they can take a long time to upload and much depends on the camera, the resolution of the video, the upload speed of the memory card, the band width of the computer you’re using, etc. Lots of variables. The better quality the memory card, the faster it will upload–whether still photos or video.

  3. Michael

    TA-DA!!! Success! How sweet it is! And I remember your internet blogging beginnings. Look how far we’ve come, eh? All of us have learned (and leaned) on those who have more technical skills and time with this (not-so) new age of digital devices! It is absolutely about curiosity, exploration, practice, practice and more practice….and time! And here we are! Cool little video of the Air Show!
    Gullible, you are right about what dictates the length of time it takes to upload/download. One more limitation is whatever service you upload to often they will ‘vet’ the video/audio clip to insure it doesn’t slip past their copyright limitations. That interprets into more or less of a ‘waiting’ period before the uploads will appear in your account. This policy applies to Youtube, Facebook and many other social media sites. Also, speeds between internet points and connections are only as fast as the slowest device in that link! Also, Cap this video you uploaded from Youtube falls into what is known as a ‘Short’. I truly dislike them when searching youtube as they do run on and do not show any video controls to stop or pause. Therefore you get unknown and random shorts from other members. Not much we can do to change this other than to close the we blink showing this only your short video. I hope this explanation helps. Hey! Maybe someday one of your vids will display all the joys and finer points of ‘Bo-Bo’s! lol
    Have a Truly Blessed day, mi amigo y amiga! Big ((Hugs!))

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks for your ongoing support Michael. It really helped to know that Tom and Ginny’s video is a “short” and that, in and of itself, it joined other “shorts”, the ones I mentioned in my Post (Below our video are an entire series of other videos that I have no idea of what they are and why they are there.) Also for explaining that the length of time to upload a video can be somewhat long and drawn out. Smiling with you .. Cap

  4. Ginny

    Holy cow, success!!! Wow and wowie! What determination… so glad you got to upload the airshow video, indeed in was a great day and fun to watch the planes and send along the videos to you and Patti! Thanks for always coming along on our outings and trips, always a joy to have you and Patti with us! Big hugs and much love Ginikins

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes Ginny! Holy Cow success! I now (not today, not tomorrow, after we get back to Anchorage) plan to attempt to download your other videos into what is now my “YouTube Account” and then add them to a future Post. Thank you so very much for all of the contributions you have made to our website here. Without you and others sending us contributions, it would be impossible to continue now that we are no longer able to travel out of the county. Hugs and Love back to you Ginny! Cap and Patti

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