First! How about these two beautiful sunrise photos that Patti’s niece snapped during a trip on the Ferry Boat from Whittier, Alaska, across the Northernmost part of the Gulf of Alaska over to Cordova, Alaska, and return. 

Thanks so very VERY MUCH Eryn, for yet another contribution to our website.

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Second, how about Detroit Tiger Tom! In his text to me that included the below photo, Tom stated that : In My Humble Opinion a Coney Island Hot Dog is the best fast food in the United States!

Coney? Coney Dog? Coney Island Hot Dog? Wikipedia has us covered!


There you have it from Tom, now visiting his former hometown, Detroit, Michigan, and also visiting neighboring cities!

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Today, Wednesday the 26th of April, we begin our trip North to Alaska.

This afternoon we will drive North from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to Laughlin, Nevada. We will stay at “our” Edgewater Casino Hotel and visit with Tom’s wife Ginny. This Friday, Ginny will drive us North to Las Vegas and we will then fly North to Anchorage, Alaska. 

All of this If God Be Willing. One of our closest friends and a staunch ally in Alaska, a man 9 days younger than me, passed away Monday after a very short illness. One of those blows you are never really prepared for.

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “APR 26, 23 .. THE TIME HAS COME .. TODAY WE HEAD NORTH ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You Gullible. CLOSE .. Far TOO CLOSE to home .. My friend being (basically except for 9 days) my exact age. The details, at best, are sketchy. He was found, on the floor of his home, absolutely unable to “get up”, by a couple who “had a feeling” he was not all right. They had keys to his home. Had they not found him he would have passed away alone on the floor of his home. As it turned out, he was in the hospital over two weeks BUT was surrounded by a myriad of friends. Far better than had he not been found. Again I am touched by your comment. Cap

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