MAY 8, 23 .. WHAT .. IS .. A .. NOVID ??

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Sunday May the 7th 2023

I feel like apologizing for, yet again, getting into and discussing Covid-19. The problem is : Today it is a dominating factor in our lives.

Well the answer to THAT is simple : Stop publishing Posts here because, in my mind at least, no one is interested in “Our Doings”.

The problem with THAT is : Yes, some of you REALLY do care about “Our Doings” especially when they may contribute to your own personal well being.

The “experts” are saying that sooner or later each and every human being on this planet will experience Covid-19.

And, IF you, who are reading my words here, are saying : I have never ever had Covid-19

You have a name.


According to one recent study on this subject: “Despite some inconsistent reporting of symptoms, studies have demonstrated that at least 20 percent of individuals infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) will remain asymptomatic.”

Translation : Asymptomatic .. a person affected by a condition but producing or showing no symptoms of it.

Translation : You could have had Covid and you haven’t “A Clue In A Carload” that you, YES YOU OUR NOVID, had it.

Oh Yes, just in case you are interested in NOVIDs, Your Captain has found quite a link for you ..,while%20most%20global%20research%20has

From the above link, I picked out the below.. 

Is it possible that those people who believe they’ve never had COVID actually did have it? But their symptoms were so minor they never bothered testing and therefore never realized they had it?

Yes, that is correct. There are studies that show that some individuals who didn’t think that they had been infected were in fact found to have had COVID in the past when they were tested. We know this because there are tests that can identify people who have previously been exposed to the virus.

Today I again tested myself..

The top NEGATIVE test was taken yesterday (Saturday the 6th). The bottom NEGATIVE test was taken today (Sunday the 7th).

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Daily life goes on. Patti is sleeping a lot. This (her sleeping a lot) was precisely the symptom that took Patti to the E.R. in Michigan Thursday May the 19th 2022. So this third episode appears to be a “Mirror Image” of her second episode. She has had a headache, her body aches, and worst of all her coughing has returned.


This will be it for today.

Cap and Patti

Yesterday’s Newspaper .. Few, if anyone, go back to re-read Yesterday’s Newspaper. Even fewer will go back to one of our Posts to see if, just in case, we added something.

Well our Lake Havasu City friend Michael added a long, priceless, comment to the end of yesterday’s (MAY 6, 23) blogspot Post about Rosati’s Pizza in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Here is Michael’s addition to Saturday’s, MAY 6, 23, Post on blogspot ..

A delightful and colorful post Cap.
“A precise rendering of “The Night a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Gastronomical Delight came to Lake Havasu City”…..via my good friends Cap and Patti! And like you, Cap I had never ate a Deep Dish Pizza, at least nary a one that could compare to Rosati’s serving. Comically when Cap called I had just finished a light meal at home and was already filled to the brim. Mentioned that, and Cap said I’ll drop it on by….just put it in the refrigerator. Yep, 10min later Cap handed me the remaining pizza. Without opening the box I was puzzled and curious. This box weighs a ton (slight exaggeration!). So I opened the box and marveled at all of the melted cheese so perhaps I will just take a little taste. That’s all she wrote! The pizza was so scrumptious that I finished 1/3 of a slice. Man-O-Man was it tasty! And so, I disciplined myself and had another 1/3 the next night….and Yessiree-Bob!, the final coup-de-grace on the 3rd night. This pizza was one complete meal. Thank you my dear friends. Another shared memory. And full stomach!

Love you both, Michael d.

4 thoughts on “MAY 8, 23 .. WHAT .. IS .. A .. NOVID ??

  1. Ginny

    First, continually praying for Patti! I love the traveling screenshots of all our trips tracking each of our flights ✈️ and then knowing our dear ones have landed safely! And of course, comparing weather conditions… from Nevada to Anchorage to Michigan and back!! Love and hugs Ginny ❤️

    1. Cap Chastain

      Ginny, thanks for your prayers for Patti. We appreciate your support.

      Ginny, going back now over three years, I am indebted to you for your technical support and assistance with things like screenshots. These would be, to many very VERY HIGH TECH associate’s, somewhat minor and simple. And Ginny, in the VERY HIGH TECH world, screenshots are pretty simple. But your help with things that I REALLY use and get so much pleasure and joy therefrom has been awesome. Smiles and Thanks Ginny !! Cap

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