For What It’s Worth, I published a new Post (MAY 8, 23) on blogspot. It is Part 1 of a 3 part series about Bouse, Arizona. I have been working on it, as time has allowed, over the past several days. The below link will take you to this new Post.

Now for a report on how we two are doing.

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I did not take a Covid home-test today, even though I am beginning to believe that I have some symptoms. To wit : I feel like I am “coming down with a bad cold”! Sneezing with a runny nose.

On to Patti.

Bottom line : I am guardedly optimistic that maybe, just maybe, Patti has begun her recovery process.

To wit : Patti was up for most of the afternoon continuing all the way into the evening heading into our bedroom about 11pm. She drank a lot of Gatorade today. Liquids are vital. She was able to sit through a Mayo Clinic, Zoom Online medical appointment. Admittedly I had to “talk her into doing the appointment” because I didn’t like to cancel a valuable Mayo Clinic appointment at “the last moment” when it would have been too late for them to fill the time slot with another patient. Her temperature is normal. And we two watched a basketball game and Jeopardy.

BUT, having said all of the above, Patti is still some distance (we don’t know how far) from a full recovery.


Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “MAY 9, 23 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Cap

    Thanks so very much for your support and well wishes Gullible. Time will tell. It’s nothing to take lightly. I certainly remain concerned. Cap

  2. Michael d.

    So saddened to hear first Patti, and now you, too, Cap, are feeling those covid symptoms. Not Again! You both are Warriors, having recovered 1/2dz x’s from previous variants! It is encouraging to hear both you and Patti have enough determination, drive, and experience to be able to sit up for a while, eat something healthy and then watch the Lakers again take another game from the Warriors in the final minutes! These playoff games have been everything exciting, I’d venture to say! BTW I’m on the recovering side of my battle with covid. I had lost my appetite days 1-4 and wasn’t eating hardly a thing. Not a good way to recover but the fevers and headaches have subsided. So too the drippy sinus’s and lung congestion. At day 6+ and I’m back to eating fairly healthy. Matter of fact I shared some leftover grilled Chilean Sea Bass with Little Bit the other night! No doubt she was in heaven. Me too! I still am battling getting my lungs and vocal chords back. I can only blurt out fragmented thoughts before I run out of wind. I was gifted to counsel a like-minded fellow this afternoon and chatted long distance to Alaska for way beyond my capacity and my tonsils, throat and lungs were screaming! Time for some self-maintenance. Anyhoo, my dear friends, I pray you both are getting that precious sleep time and eating everything that will help to heal your bodies and spirits much quicker!
    Chat wit ya soon,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Another one of your absolutely AMAZING COMMENTS Michael. Wowie! Thanks so very much! We are so happy to hear you are on the recovering side of your own serious Covid episode. That your symptoms are subsiding. And you are back to eating fairly healthy. Amazing you are even able to talk to your friend in Alaska in spite of your throat and lungs screaming at you. Michael, please continue to take care of yourself! Go Lakers! Cap and Patti

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